Peking University

On the afternoon of May 13, 2011, I presented a talk entitled “Interactional Resources for the “Problem” of Intercultural Communication” to the School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University in Beijing, China.

My thanks to Prof. GUAN Shijie for organizing the talk, for several long and fascinating discussions over the course of the afternoon and evening, as well as for dinner that followed the talk. We found many potential points of overlap for future discussions, so I look forward to future connections with Prof. Guan and others in his department. Thanks also to Prof. Casey Man Kong Lum for the initial suggestion that I go to Peking University, and for the introduction that started the conversation.

Additional thanks to the graduate student assigned as guide and translator, AN Xiaojing, not only for getting us across Beijing in a timely fashion but for the tour of Peking University’s stunning campus. She has my best wishes in her Ph.D. studies at USC starting this coming fall semester. (Anyone reading this who is based at USC should please look for her, and make her feel welcome!)

Prof Leeds-Hurwitz, Prof Guan, An Xiaojing
Prof Leeds-Hurwitz, Prof Guan, An Xiaojing

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Beijing International Studies University

On the morning of May 13, 2011, I presented a talk entitled “From Generation to Generation: Maintaining Cultural Identity Over Time” to the School of English Language, Literature and Culture at Beijing International Studies University, in Beijing, China.

My thanks to Dr. HONG Liang, Chair, Intercultural Communication Department and Director, Center for American Media Culture Studies, within BISU for organizing the talk as well as an excellent faculty lunch afterwards, and for working with my schedule constraints.

Prof Leeds-Hurwitz, Prof Hong Liang
Prof Leeds-Hurwitz, Prof Hong Liang

I had the chance to meet more faculty at BISU than at any other university in China, including Dr. WU Guijie, and half a dozen others who have promised to send researcher profiles that will be posted to this site. We found many areas of overlap, and I look forward to continued contact with several.

My thanks also to the graduate student assigned to guide and translate, SHAOFENG Chen.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

On May 12, 2011, I presented a talk entitled “Holding Intercultural, International, Interdisciplinary Dialogues” to the Institute of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in Beijing, China.

My sincere thanks to Prof. JIANG Fei, Director of the Department of Communication, and also Director of the Center for World Media Studies, both housed within the Institute, not only for organizing this talk, but also for connecting me to his colleagues across China. This series of lectures would never have happened without his introductions. And he is the one who first encouraged me to visit China, when we met several years ago.

This talk was particularly well-attended by not only Prof Jiang’s colleagues at his Center (including: Dr. WANG Feng-Xiang, Dr. ZHANG Dan, and Dr. XIE Ming), and many of their graduate students, but also by faculty and graduate students from a variety of other institutions, and reporters as well. I look forward to continued contact with many of them.

As my talk at CASS was part of a regular salon, the following photo documents the gong ceremony used to start all the salons.

I also thank FENG Jiawei, the graduate student who served as guide and translator. And most particularly, HUANG Kuo, Prof Jiang’s wife, who also served as guide and translator on several occasions. Because we spent a little more time in Beijing than some of the other cities, we not only tasted local specialties (including the famous Beijing roast duck), but got to spend one day exploring the Summer Palace, and another walking part of the Great Wall.

Huang Kuo, Prof Jiang Fei
Huang Kuo, Prof Jiang Fei

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Southern Illinois Univ job ad


The department seeks a teacher/scholar in communication pedagogy, performance studies, rhetoric, or some combination of those areas, with expertise in qualitative methods, or other strategies for researching lived experience in cultural contexts. We welcome all qualified applicants, but we particularly seek scholars working from interpretive, critical, and/or postmodern perspectives.

DUTIES include: graduate advising and committee service, pursuing active research agenda, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses as assigned, and providing service as needed. Graduate teaching includes such courses as: critical communication pedagogy; speech communication at university level; communication pedagogy and culture; teaching as performance; seminar in communication pedagogy; studies in rhetoric; theory and criticism in performance studies; or others in area of expertise and as needed by the department. Undergraduate teaching should contribute to one or more of the undergraduate specializations.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: a) Ph.D. in speech communication or closely related field; b) expertise in communication pedagogy, performance studies or rhetoric as indicated by major graduate coursework, dissertation, relevant experience, or scholarly publication. For either position, ability to supervise graduate assistants teaching the basic course is preferred. Additional expertise in one or more of the following areas is preferred: interpersonal communication; intercultural communication; organizational communication; or gender, sexuality, and communication. Assistant Professor (tenure track) requirements include: college/university teaching experience; scholarly accomplishment indicated by single author or first author peer-reviewed national journal articles or conference papers. Three or more years in rank and experience supervising graduate research preferred. If all of the requirements for the Ph.D. are not met by August 15, 2011, a one-year contract at the rank of instructor will be offered at a reduced salary. Associate Professor (tenure track) requirements include: six years university-level teaching; evidence of scholarly accomplishment indicated by a substantial record of single author or first author peer-reviewed national journal articles or books, and conference papers.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is June 10, 2011, or until filled.  Effective date of appointment will be August 16, 2011.  TO APPLY, send letter of application, curriculum vitae, publication/ manuscript sample, transcript copies of highest degree earned, and three current letters of reference to Nathan Stucky, Chair, Department of Speech Communication, Mail Code 6605, SIUC, 1100 Lincoln Dr., Carbondale, IL  62901.  SIUC is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer that strives to enhance its ability to develop a diverse faculty and staff and to increase its potential to serve a diverse student population. All applications are welcomed and encouraged, and will receive consideration.

WU Zongjie


Wu Zongjie is Professor at the School of International Studies, Zhejiang University, Director of Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies. His work is also associated with the Centre of Contemporary Chinese Discourse Studies, and Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies. He received his doctorate degree from Lancaster University, UK in the area of linguistics. His research interests include cross-cultural studies of traditional Chinese discourse and communication, cultural heritage and memory, and ethnography of Chinese traditional cultures. His research in general aims to promote the cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding through interdisciplinary approaches. His commitment to China studies for worldwide communication has resulted in fresh and innovative thinking about the way how traditional Chinese culture and knowledge could be properly represented and interpreted in the modern world. A common thread that runs through his work is the philosophical perspective on the relationships of being (life), knowing and naming (representation) in the context of cultural dialogue between the East and West. His grass-rooted ethnographic project on Dongwushan Heritage Village and rural economic development has received great attention from local government, Chinese media and academia.  He has been invited to lecture both in China and across the world.

Selected publications

2011(co-author with Yu Hua) 《史记》叙事范式与民族志书写的本土化 (Narrative Paradigm of Shiji and the Indigeneity of Ethnography)《广西民族大学学报》 (Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities) Vol.33(1).

2010 (co-author with Hu) 超越表征:中国话语的诠释传统及其当下观照 (Beyond the Limit of Representation: Hermeneutical Tradition of Chinese Discourse).文史哲(Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy)2010(4).

2010 (co-author with Han) Cultural Transformation of Educational Discourse in China: Perspectives of Multiculturalism/Interculturalism.(多元文化与跨文化视角下中国教育话语的文化转型) In Grant, Carl A & Agostino Portera (eds.) Intercultural and Multicultural Education: Enhancing Global Interconnectedness. New York: Routledge.

2010 (co-author with Hu),Ritual Hermeneutics as the Source of Meaning: Interpreting the Fabric of Chinese Culture (礼悟作为意义来源:中国文化组织诠释) China Media Research,Vol.6(2).

2009. Wu, Z. J. & et al. Living and Touring the Past: A Report on the Cultural Heritage in Dongwushan Village. Hangzhou: Institute of Discourse & Cultural Studies & Centre for Intangible Heritage Studies of Zhejiang University.

2009 封建话语的叙述想象 (Narrative Imagination in Feudalism discourse),叶文宪,聂长顺 (编)《中国“封建”社会再认识》,中国社会科学出版社.

2009 (co-author with Jiang)中国文化人类学研究的话语转向(Discourse Turn in the Study of Chinese Cultural Anthropology)《浙江大学学报 》(Journal of Zhejiang University, Vol.39(5).

2009 (co-author with Hu) 从先秦与晚清文本看女性身份的话语变迁:一种谱系学的话语分析. (Cultural Transformation of Chinese Women Discourse: A Cross-Cultural Analysis in the Perspective of Genealogy)《中国社会语言学》(Journal of Chinese Sociolinguistics) Vol.13(2).

2009 外语学科知识谱系学考辨 A Genealogy of Foreign Language as Disciplinary Knowledge《广东外语外贸大学学报 》Vol.20(4) 64-68.

2008 历史学的解构与重构:泛化“封建”的话语分析 (Deconstructing and Reconstructing Metahistorical Discourse: The Generalization of “Feudalism” as a Historical Term) 《武汉大学学报》Vol.61(5) 522-527.

2008 外语教师发展的研究范式 (Research Paradigms for the Studies of Language Teacher Development) 《外语教学理论与实践》(原国外外语教学) Vol.2008(3) 55-60.

2008 外语教学研究新视野:从教学走向教师 (New Horizon for Language Teaching Research: From Teaching to Teacher)《中国外语教育》Vol.1(1).

2008 (co-author with Huang) 探索型外语课程:RICH课程实践与教师发展 (Exploratory Practice for Language Curriculum: The Case of RICH), 吴一安,周燕(编)《中国高校英语教师教育与发展研究》,外语教学与研究出版社.

2007 (co-author with Xiong Jingju) 师徒教师教育中的身份转变 (Identity Transformation in Mentoring Practice for Teacher Education) 宁波大学学报 (Journal of Ningbo University) Vol.29(3) 33-37

2007 (co-author with Lu Huixia) 自主教学与教师专业发展 (Autonomy and Teachers’ Professional Development: A Biographic Inquiry) 《当代教育科学》( Contemporary Education Science).

2007 (co-author with Shao Huijuan) Nurturing Language Learner Autonomy Through Caring Pedagogic Practice. In Barfield, Andy & Steve Brown (eds) Reconstructing Autonomy in Language Education:Inquiry and Innovation: Palgrave Macmillan.

2007 (co-author with Lv Qingxia Discourse of Chinese Medicine and Westernization. In Shi-xu (ed.) Discourse as Cultural Struggle. Hong Kong University Press

2006 (co-author with Yin Qiping) 探索超学科外语教育课程体系 (Exploring Transdisciplinary Curriculum for Foreign Language Education). Proceedings of Eastern China Annual Conference on Foreign Language Education.

2006 (co-author with Lv Qingxia 中医语言西化的话语秩序分析 (Discursive Transformation of Chinese Traditional Medicine) 医学与哲学(Medicine and Philosophy) Vol 27(4).

2006 Understanding Practitioner Research as a Form of Life: An Eastern Interpretation of Exploratory Practice. Language Teaching Research, 2006 , Vol. 10.

2006 中西话语权势关系的语言哲学探源:话语学的文化研究视角(Exploring Philosophical Foundations of Doing Critical Discourse Studies in China), 浙江大学学报 (Journal of Zhejiang University, Vol.36(2).

2005 Teachers’ Knowing in Curriculum Change: A Critical Discourse Study of Language Teaching, Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

2005 (co-author with Lv Qingxia 中医话语的语言哲学分析 (Philosophical investigation on the discourse of traditional Chinese medicine) 浙江中医学院学报 Vol.29(6)

2005 Being, Understanding and Naming: Teachers’ Life and Work in Harmony, International Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 41 307-323

2005 (coauthor with Huang et al.) 外语课程与教师发展 (Curriculum and Language Teacher Development). Beijing: People Educational Press & Aihui Educational Press

2005 (co-editors with Fang, & Zhao) Cultural Diversity of Discourses: Facilitate Coexistence and Harmony. Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press

2004 论证中的话语混杂:外语测试的社会分析 (Heteroglossia in Argumentation: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Language Testing) 外国语(Journal of Foreign Languages), 2004(5) 2004

2004 抑制课程自主性的控制符号:教师发展的话语权 (Symbolic Control of Curricular Autonomy) 外语与外语教学 (Foreign Languages and Teaching)  2004(6).

2004 Research-Based Curriculum for Language Education. China Educational Reform, Series No. 41.

2004 Rationality of Genre US-China Foreign Language, Vol.2(1)

Northwest University, Xi’an

On May 10, 2011, I presented a talk entitled “Holding Intercultural, International, Interdisciplinary Dialogues” to the Journalism Department at Northwest University, in Xi’an, China. Prof. YANG Lichuan, Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, was a most gracious host.

This was the first time I worked with a faculty member who served as simultaneous interpreter, Dr. ZHANG Yuwen of the Journalism Department.

Prof. Leeds-Hurwitz, Dr. Zhang Yuwen
Prof. Leeds-Hurwitz, Dr. Zhang Yuwen

We only had an hour to review the key vocabulary in my powerpoint, but she did a great job of helping ensure that all of the audience members would understand what I was saying.

In addition to arranging for simultaneous interpretation during the talk, Dean Yang gave me two graduate students, LI Xing and WU Yue, to serve as guides and translators for my entire stay, as well as assigning a car and driver (thanks to XIE Ping for getting us safely through traffic that is nearly as difficult as Shanghai’s). They accompanied my husband and me from our arrival at the airport to our departure. They made sure we had the opportunity to taste many local specialties at meals, and took us to multiple museums and local sites, including especially the terracotta warriors, the Shaanxi history museum, the calligraphy museum, and Xi’an’s Bell Tower. We now have many beautiful photographs to remind us of our visit.

Li Xing, Wu Yue
Li Xing, Wu Yue

On this trip to China I was invited to present at Wuhan University, but simply couldn’t fit another city into the itinerary. So I was especially pleased that Dr. LI Yang, of the Department of Journalism and Communication at Wuhan University, was able to make time come to my talk, and to join us at dinner afterwards, along with Dr. Zhang. I look forward to maintaining connections with both of them.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue

McQuail award – best article


Denis McQuail is one of the most famous scholars in the field of Communication Science. Tens of thousands of communication students have been brought up with McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory, now in its sixth edition and an international bestseller. Denis McQuail held the chair in General Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam from 1977 till 1997 and is now an Honorary Fellow of ASCoR.

ASCoR McQuail Award for the best article advancing communication theory
The Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR at the University of Amsterdam has established an award in honor of Denis McQuail. Previous winners include Professor Michael Slater and Dr. Matthew Baum. The call for nominations for the ASCoR Denis McQuail Award 2010 – for the best article advancing communication theory published in a peer-reviewed journal during 2010 – is now open.

Eligible articles:

  • Must have been published (not ‘due to appear’) in 2010 in an English language peer-reviewed journal.
  • May be purely theoretical or empirical and theoretical, but the focus should clearly be on theory development.
  • Must focus on some aspect of communication. NB: Articles published in noncommunication journals are also eligible.

An international panel chaired by Professor Emeritus Denis McQuail, and consisting of Professor Pamela Shoemaker (Syracuse University), Professor Winfried Schulz (University of Erlangen-N�rnberg), and Professor Edith Smit (ASCoR, University of Amsterdam) will select the winning article from a list of nominated articles. The selection will be based on the quality of the article, not on the author(s)’ professional or personal credentials. The number of nominations for an article plays no role in the selection process: Each article that has been nominated at least once will be considered. Please note that the jury may decide not to give the Award if none of the nominations are considered to stand out.

The award will go to all listed authors of the article chosen. The award consists of a certificate, and an invitation to the 1st author to become the McQuail Honorary Fellow 2011-2012 at ASCoR, as well as to give a guest lecture in Amsterdam in Fall 2011.

Nominations for this award may be submitted before 1 June 2011.
Faculty and PhD students around the world can nominate articles for this award. Each nominator can nominate one article. Self-nominations are eligible. Anonymous nominations will not be considered. Nominations are strictly confidential. Information about who nominated whom will not be released. A nomination package consists of:

  • The full reference to the article (including full title, journal title, volume and page numbers).
  • A copy of the article (PDF or print).
  • A motivation for the nomination (max. 150 words). Please note that the motivation should address the quality of the article in terms of theoretical advances. Please be as candid as possible.

You can submit your nomination before 1 June 2011:
By e-mail (preferred) to:
ASCoR Secretariat:
Or by post to:
Attn. Prof. dr. Claes de Vreese
Scientific Director
Kloveniersburgwal 48
1012 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

More information about ASCoR can be found on

International Association for Dialogue Analysis report

The 13th conference of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA), which took place in Montreal, Canada, from April 26-30, 2011,  was a big success with some 26 countries represented and close to 110 participants from around the world. The theme of the conference was “Dialogue and Representation,” which allowed participants to address what dialogue studies have to say about the question of representation, whether we speak in terms of political, artistic, cognitive or methodological forms of representation. Six keynote speakers were invited to participate in this event: in alphabetic order, Éric Grillo (Sorbonne Nouvelle, France), Cornelia Ilie (U. of Malmö, Sweden), Alain Létourneau (U de Sherbrooke, Canada), Wolfgang Teubert (U of Birmingham, UK), Karen Tracy (U of Colorado, Boulder, USA), and Edda Weigand (U. of Münster, Germany). A volume, published in the series Dialogue Studies at John Benjamins, will be soon edited by François Cooren and Alain Létourneau. This book will include some of the best contributions to this international conference. A special issue of the new journal Language and Dialogue will also include some key contributions to this event. The proceedings will also be soon available on the IADA website.

François Cooren
IADA secretary and co-organizer of the conference

Hong Kong

On May 1, 2011, I had a chance to visit Hong Kong and connect with Dr. Saskia Witteborn (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Prof. Ling CHEN (Hong Kong Baptist University).

Prof Leeds-Hurwitz, Dr. Witteborn
Prof Leeds-Hurwitz, Dr. Witteborn

Thanks to Saskia for a wonderful tour of the city’s highlights, from center city to the boardwalk to the mountains. Thanks to Ling for choosing an excellent restaurant, Mask, and instructions in local restaurant protocol.

Mask restaurant

Researcher profiles:
Saskia Witteborn
Ling Chen

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue


Center brochure now available!

Thanks to Nazan Haydari, member of the Center’s advisory board, and graphics designers Ebru Özbakır (Isık University) and Özer Karakuş (Maltepe University), both in Istanbul, Turkey, we now have a beautiful brochure for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue.

Center brochure - front

Center brochure - back

For a version that is small enough to easily download, click CIDbrochure.