UNESCO Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads Photo Contest

Photo ContestYouth Eyes on the Silk Roads Photo Contest, UNESCO, Paris, France. Deadline: 6 January 2020.

The visual arts, and in particular photography, are increasingly being used by today’s youth as a powerful tool for communication and self-expression. As such, they have the potential to play a significant role in raising awareness of the key issues facing our contemporary globalizing world. The annual Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads International Photo Contest offers an exciting opportunity for young people from all over the world to capture their understanding of the common heritage of the Silk Roads through the lens of their camera.

Organized within the framework of the UNESCO Silk Roads ProgrammeUNESCO Youth Programme and the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022), the 2019 edition of the contest is open for entries from 19 September 2019 to 6 January 2020.

The Silk Roads are an expansive region composed of a network of maritime and land routes. Originating in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia the Silk Roads cross the Central Asian sub-continent, the Russian steppe, the Iranian and Anatolian plateaus, and the Arabian Peninsula. They also stretch through North Africa and Northeast Africa, from Tanzania to Morocco. Additionally, they pass through Eastern and Southern Europe, before reaching France and Spain. Please see the map here

The Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads Photo Contest is an opportunity for young people living or travelling within these regions to share their perceptions and further their understanding of the common cultural heritage and pluralistic identities emerging from the interactions and exchanges taking place along the Silk Roads. The contest encourages the use of photography to extend these cultural interactions and encounters in the contemporary world, to foster mutual understanding and promote peace amongst the diverse populations encompassed by the Silk Roads.

The photographs must accurately reflect the theme, “Reveal the Silk Roads”, through representations of Gastronomy and Food ProductionMusic and Dance, and Traditional Sports and Games.

The photography contest is open to everyone between 14 and 25 years old, regardless of his or her country of residence, except employees of UNESCO and the donor, China World Peace Foundation, and their family members (parents, children, siblings and spouses). There will be two categories: 14 to 17 years old, and 18 to 25 years old.

You can have a look at the 2018 winners gallery here. From this contest, the “Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads” travelling photo exhibition presenting the 57 best photos was set up. The photo album “Youth Lens on the Silk Roads” aims to reflect the diversity of youth’s perspectives and impressions on the shared heritage of the Silk Roads.

Feeling Italian Photography Competition

Photo ContestSIETAR Italia’s “Feeling Italian” photography contest invites you to tell, through the photographic language, what it means to “feel Italian” today, in an Italy defined by deep changes, not only in demographic terms, but also in terms of behaviors, customs and values. Through the photo contest, SIETAR Italia project want to explore who the Italians are today.

  • What are the behaviors and symbols that evoke “Italianness”?
  • What are the places, the ways and the meeting situations?
  • What are the activities and rituals – individual or collective – that allow us to perceive Italians, or to be perceived as Italians?

The “Feeling Italian” photographic competition wants to investigate the elements of continuity with the past, or with the traditional concepts related to Italianness and to feeling Italian; but also, and above all, the transformations taking place in an Italy that is evolving within a global context.

Feeling Italian

EIUC Global Campus Visual Contest: Diversity & Inclusion

Photo ContestThe Global Campus of Human Rights is glad to announce the launch of the fourth edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest, open to photographers and video-makers, professionals and amateurs, from any part of the world. It will be open from 1 March and will accept submissions through 4 May 2018.

The theme for 2018 is “Diversity and Inclusion”. Our societies are increasingly diverse in terms of values, beliefs not to mention characteristics like gender, sexual orientation, culture, language, and more. Evidence shows that by adopting and integrating inclusive practices and policies, and by managing them well, institutions and the people within them thrive. Through its official launch on the 1st March Zero Discrimination Day, the Global Campus Visual Contest would like to promote diversity and celebrate everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity without discrimination.
NOTE: Remember that the Center for Intercultural Dialogue has also organized a video competition, asking for answers to the question, What does intercultural dialogue look like? Please participate in the EIUC event, but remember to participate in ours as well!

Global Campus of Human Rights Contest: Memory & Reconciliation

Photo ContestThe Global Campus of Human Rights has launched the third edition of the GC Visual Contest, open to photographers and video-makers, professionals and amateurs, from any part of the world. The goal of the contest is to create synergies between academia, Human Rights defenders and artists to reach a wider international public and foster a better understanding of the issues concerning human rights and their protection.

The visual contest will be open from 1st May and will accept submissions through June 30, 2017. The theme for 2017 is “Memory and Reconciliation”. Memory and how do we envision the past has a potent impact on the creation of the present and future of a country and the current understanding of human rights concerns.
The GC Visual Contest originates from the belief that photography and videos are powerful tools that can raise awareness and push for social change. Furthermore, the purpose of this contest is to create a network of artists, intellectuals and professionals interested in strengthening the protection of human rights and the promotion of democracy and peace.

A collective memory manifests itself in decisions regarding the commemoration of dates, trials of former oppressors, establishment of sites and museums of memory, artworks and memorials and its role in the public education. This photo and video competition seeks to promote reflection on the various collective rememberings and experiences of the past and to which extent it is possible to establish conditions for crime recognition and forgiveness.

The competition will have two category levels, for professional artists and amateurs to which students and Alumni from the Global Campus are particularly encouraged to apply. A number of images and videos will be selected to be displayed on a dedicated online gallery and in connection to GC events/activities ensuring international exposure also thanks to different partners and social media channels. Winners will be determined by an international jury composed of leading experts in the field of photography and documentary filmmaking and of members of the GC network.

The best pictures and short videos could receive special mentions by the partners of the contest and will be presented at the events of the Regional Masters of the Global Campus in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caucasus, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, South East Europe.

This initiative is funded by the European Union and receives the patronage of the United Nations Regional Information centre for Western Europe (UNRIC). The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique network of one hundred participating universities around the world, seeking to advance human rights and democracy through regional and global cooperation for education and research. 

PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest

Photo ContestThe Global Campus of Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation invites photographers, professional and amateurs, from any part of the world to submit their work to PRISMA – Human Rights Photo Contest.

On 11 September 2015, an exhibition with the selected images, along with photographs by the special guest photographer Rena Effendi, will open in Venice, during the 72nd Venice International Film Festival, at the Monastery of San Nicolò, the premises of EIUC, the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation.

The day of the exhibition’s opening will be marked by an event with live music and talks on the theme “Freedom” and the connection between art, photography, cultural production, media and human rights.

The goal of PRISMA is to complement academic research with other media of knowledge, such as photography, to reach a wider international public and foster a better understanding of human rights issues and their protection. PRISMA aims to become an annual event, and to create a network of artists, intellectuals and professionals interested in strengthening the protection of human rights and the promotion of democracy and peace.

The theme for the 2015 edition is “Freedom”. The value of Freedom is at the very core of the concept of human rights: freedom from oppression, freedom of speech and belief, freedom from fear, freedom of thought and freedom of opinion. The images submitted for the photo competition should illustrate the relevance of “Freedom” as a fundamental human right and the importance of defending it.

You can submit your photo by registering on the website of PRISMA, entries submitted by e-mail or regular post will not be accepted. The entry period is from the 1 May to the 30 June 2015. Entries will be evaluated by a jury on the basis of subject, originality, artistic merit and style. There is no entrance fee.

Photo Contest for Best Faces of integration

Photo ContestThe digital photography contest ‘Scatti d’integrazione’ (‘Shots of integration’), launched by Modavi (non-profit organization) as part of the project ‘I LIKE ITALIA: i volti dell’integrazione’ (‘I LIKE ITALY: the faces of integration’).

Designed to raise awareness among Italian high school students on the phenomenon of social integration, it is open to all young people, both natives and immigrants of first and second generation, and will award the best pictures that portray moments of inclusion and intercultural issues. Participation closes April 24, 2015.

Cultural Snapshot contest 2014

CULTURAL SNAPSHOT landscape observatory

– First Prize 500€
– Second Prize 300€
– Third Prize 200

“A journey into the world of knowledge of our cultural heritage and traditions with the support of the photograph. A «book on the world» to establish an intercultural dialogue where each photographer/author becomes narrator of his daily life scrutinized, analyzed and described in all its many historical and evolutionary aspects. The pictures tell what we were and what we are: historic monuments, people, art, landscape, music, entertainment and local traditions. Through the photographs will be possible to strengthen the dialogue between peoples, all supported by a unique form of language: the emotion. So the images become the universal language of the «book on the world». All this will be part of baggage in the long path of life that every individual will always bring with him and that will fill each day with new and interesting emotions.” –Olimpia Niglio, Professor of Architectural Conservation, Kyoto University

On the occasion of the 18th General Assembly  ICOMOS 2014 (International Council on Monuments and Sites) to be held in Florence in November 2014, the Life Beyond Tourism® portal is promoting the photo contest:  “Cultural Snapshot!” Through the portal , the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® wants to gather images from all over the world that represent and compare different points of view on heritage and traditional knowledge. We want you to share your world through images. Feel free to use any camera that best represents you and your point of view (phone, digital camera, analog …).

The photo competition will close August 31, 2014 and the public will be able to vote until September 10,  2014. The results will be announced by September 30, 2014. The selected material should be sent for printing by  October 10, 2014.

For further information, go to the CULTURAL SNAPSHOT landscape observatory website.