“UNESCO”Given the substantial overlap in concern with the concept of intercultural dialogue, there have been several times that either CID or its director, Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, have collaborated with UNESCO, with publications resulting.

Intercultural CompetencesIntercultural Competences

Leeds-Hurwitz was invited to participate in a 4-year process, including the UNESCO Experts Meeting on Intercultural Competences in 2011. After that event, she was asked to synthesize the conclusions. She produced this booklet, published in 2013.

UNESCO e-platformHolding Local, Not Global, Intercultural Dialogues

After the UNESCO Intercultural Dialogue eLearning Platform was created, Leeds-Hurwitz was invited to contribute an article, and this was the result in 2018.

CID Focus Groups report for UNESCOCID Focus Groups for the Futures of Education Initiative

CID was invited to participate in the UNESCO Futures of Education Initiative by organizing focus groups. The result was a report published in 2021, suggesting that their initial list of 9 ideas for public action be supplemented by a tenth, “Learning to live with others requires intercultural dialogue.”

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