Call for Nominations: JIIC Editor

Professional OpportunitiesCall for Nominations/ Applications: Journal of International and Intercultural Communication Editor-Elect. Deadline: January 31, 2022.

The Journal of International and Intercultural Communication (JIIC) is a peer- reviewed publication of the National Communication Association (NCA). JIIC publishes original scholarship that expands understanding of international, intercultural, and cross-cultural communication. Widely interdisciplinary, JIIC features diverse perspectives and methods, including qualitative, quantitative, critical, and textual approaches to intellectual inquiry.

During 2022, NCA’s Publications Council will nominate an Editor-Elect (or co-Editors- Elect) for JIIC. The newly appointed Editor will begin processing manuscripts early in 2023 and will oversee the volumes for 2024-2026. The journal is published four times each year.

NYU: Visiting Scholars, Asian/Pacific/American Institute (USA)

Professional Opportunities

Visiting Scholars, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, New York University. New York, USA. Deadline: 16 August 2021.


The A/P/A Institute at NYU Visiting Scholar Program extends specified courtesy titles and privileges to scholars of distinction who visit the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University in order to engage in research and scholarship, and in general scholarly and cultural interaction with New York University’s faculty and students. The courtesy title may not be granted for the purpose of providing free courses or other privileges to graduate or post-graduate students, or for the sole purpose of providing library privileges. Visiting Scholars are considered guests of the University and the A/P/A Institute who may visit for a temporary period of up to one year (2021-22, renewable). The title Visiting Scholar may be granted to scholars who hold academic appointments elsewhere, to those who have no academic affiliation, or to younger scholars who are sufficiently proficient in their disciplines to be accepted as colleagues by the University’s faculty, but who have yet to obtain academic appointments.

NOTE: There are also other programs of potential interest at A/P/A.

CFP Ethics & Aesthetics of Encountering the Other (UK)

Professional Opportunities
Call for proposals: Digital Provocations SeriesEthics & Aesthetics of Encountering the Other (ETHER): New Frameworks for Engaging with Difference. Deadline for abstract submission: 8 January 2021.

Organizers are inviting linguists working in areas including but not restricted to: linguistic anthropology, educational linguistics, sociology, multilingualism, multimodality, communication studies, language education, intercultural communication etc. to contribute to ETHER’s Digital Provocations Series. A digital provocation is a specific data-based example of linguistic inquiry which illustrates how ETHER’s core question speaks to your own research agenda, specifically responding to the theme of Seminar 1: The Art of Seeing and Hearing the Other. There are two ways to contribute:

1) A short (7-10 minutes) pre-recorded video presentation (e.g. in Zoom / Teams or a similar digital platform with which you are familiar) focusing on a relevant aspect of your research. The presentation should be aimed at a non-specialised interdisciplinary audience of international academics as well as users of academic research.

2) An original blog entry written specifically for ETHER which introduces your research in an accessible format to the above audiences. The blog should contain relevant examples of data.

The detailed call is available here.

NCA IDEA Strategic Plan Task Force

Professional OpportunitiesCall for Participation: NCA IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) Strategic Plan Task Force, National Communication Association, Washington, DC. Deadline: January 15, 2021.

NCA is committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access and seeks to address how the association can be responsive and transformative in this historical juncture when questions of justice and representation dominate both our national conversations as well as our professional and institutional inquires and actions. Following in the spirit of the recent renaming of the NCA Diversity Council as the IDEA Council, the commitment to create several NCA IDEA Awards for scholarship and institutional excellence, and other significant progress that NCA has made in changing key processes, the next step is to engage in the creation of a comprehensive IDEA – inclusion, diversity, equity, and access – strategic plan for NCA.

This call seeks volunteers to be members of this IDEA Strategic Plan Task Force. Additionally, any volunteers who are interested in co-chairing this Task Force also are welcome. To volunteer, please send an e-mail message explaining your interest in being on the Task Force and highlighting your experience in inclusion, diversity, equity, and access work in NCA or at your home institution. Please send your statement of interest and a CV to Roseann M. Mandziuk by January 15, 2021.

The IDEA Strategic Plan Task Force will be officially constituted and publicly announced by February 1, 2021. The Task Force’s charge will be to produce an IDEA Strategic Plan to be submitted to NCA’s Executive Committee by February 1, 2022.

Collaborative work among Task Force members to create the IDEA Strategic Plan will take place using video conferencing and other electronic means. The Task Force will meet at the 107th NCA Convention in Seattle in November 2021, and also will host a discussion forum at this Convention to gather member input and to share their work to that point. Pending approval by the NCA Executive Committee, the NCA IDEA Strategic Plan would be officially presented at our 108th Annual Convention in 2022 to the Legislative Assembly for adoption, after which the Task Force will be disbanded.

Call for Language Editors: History of Comm Bibliography

Professional OpportunitiesCall for Language Editors for the History of Communication Research Bibliography, Annenberg School for Communication Library Archives, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

The History of Communication Research Bibliography, started in 2009, recently surpassed 2,500 articles, chapters, and books on the history of communication, media, and film studies. The bibliography’s DOI is 10.5281/zenodo.4127038. A searchable version of the bibliography is available on the ASCLA site.

The open-source project has, up to now, included only English-language publications. Editors are looking to recruit volunteer editors to curate additions to the bibliography in other languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

If you have an interest in the history of the field, and proficiency in a language with a sizable communication-research literature, please consider indicating your interest by writing to Jefferson Pooley (Professor of Media & Communication, Muhlenberg College, PA). Bibliography editors will look over the expressions of interest, and follow up with invitations to the self-nominated editors. The aim is to move to a model with a single editor for each language, working in close coordination with the other editors to maintain and expand the bibliography.

CFP SIETAR Europa Webinar Proposal

Professional OpportunitiesCall for Webinar Proposals, SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Europa, for presentation in 2021. Deadline: 6 October 2020.

Once again in 2020 SIETAR Europa webinars are proving to be very popular. They offer SIETAR members an opportunity for learning, sharing knowledge and connecting with the greater SIETAR community. The 2020 webinars have to date welcomed on average 150+ participants and covered topics ranging from gamification in intercultural training to Chinese business culture. If you are interested in presenting a webinar in 2021, please submit a proposal.

China-US Journalists Exchange 2019 (US/China)

Professional OpportunitiesChina-US journalists exchange, East-West Center, Washington, DC. Deadline: June 17, 2019.

The All-China Journalists Association, the Better Hong Kong Foundation and the East-West Center jointly launched the 1st China-United States Journalists Exchange in 2010 to increase and deepen public understanding of the two countries and their relationship. The 2019 China-United States Journalists Exchange is scheduled for August 31 – September 14, 2019. This year marks the 40th anniversary of US-China bilateral relations, 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and 10th anniversary of the China-US Journalists Exchange. The 2019 program will focus on the prospects of business and trade between the world’s two largest economies amid continued escalation of trade friction and economic threats after trade talks concluded with no deal. The reporting tour will provide opportunities for journalists to explore these and other current issues in the important bilateral relationship under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping. Participants will get a firsthand look at a wide range of topics impacting US-China relations including social, economic and political challenges in both countries as well as stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The 2019 Exchange will take six Chinese journalists to the United States and six US journalists to China and Hong Kong to meet with government officials, business leaders, academics, journalists, non-governmental organizations and other members of the Chinese and American communities. Following these group study tours, all of the Chinese and American journalists will meet at East-West Center Washington for a one-day dialogue to share their travel experiences and exchange opinions on how media coverage of US-China issues can be improved in the participants’ respective countries.

Call for Nominations: JIIC Editor

Professional OpportunitiesCall for Nominations/ Applications: Journal of International and Intercultural Communication Editor-Elect, Assuming duties in 2020; overseeing 2021-2023 volumes. Deadline: January 1, 2019.

During 2019, NCA’s Publications Council will nominate an Editor-Elect (or co-Editors Elect) for the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication (JIIC). The newly appointed Editor will begin processing manuscripts later in the year or early in 2020, and will oversee the volumes for 2021-2023. Editors of NCA journals occupy a particularly prominent leadership position in the field. In naming editorial boards, selecting reviewers for manuscripts, and making final publication decisions (among other duties), they make a vitally important contribution to the discipline, and they play a key role in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and scholarly inquiry.

JIIC is a peer reviewed publication of the National Communication Association. JIIC publishes original scholarship that expands understanding of international, intercultural, and cross-cultural communication. Widely interdisciplinary, JIIC features diverse perspectives and methods, including qualitative, quantitative, critical, and textual approaches to intellectual inquiry.

Todd L. Sandel, University of Macau, is the current JIIC Editor, and also a member of the CID Advisory Board, so if you are interested and have questions, please contact Todd directly.

RAI Visiting Scholars (UK)

Professional OpportunitiesThe Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland is able to act as academic host to a small number of Visiting Scholars for short periods of research using the RAI Collection (archival, photographic and film material). Research visits must be individually arranged with the RAI.

Prospective Visiting Scholars must provide academic credentials and must arrange their own travel, accommodation and funding; the RAI can provide limited work space and supervision, subject to capacity. A small supervision fee may be charged in appropriate cases. It may be possible to arrange linked access to research facilities elsewhere in London.

Enquiries are particularly welcome from scholars based outside the UK.

CFP Competence-Based Learning in the Digital Age (Finland)

Professional OpportunitiesInternational Week for Vocational Teacher Education: Competence-based Learning in the Digital Age, 14-18 May 2018, Tampere, Finland. Deadline: 31 March 2018.

We offer the participants interesting workshops on current topics such as Learning Analytics, Digital Literacy, and Competence-based Curriculum in Guidance Counselling Education.

In addition, the week will take you to see the National Skills competition Taitaja2018 with seminars and skills competitions, TAMK’s team enterprise learning academy Proakatemia and others.

The week is a platform for networking for the participants and the organizers as well. We will offer you a variety of opportunities to meet colleagues – for example in an environment natural to us Finns, in the smoke sauna by the lake! Don’t forget to pack your swimming suit!

The International Week is organized by the School of Vocational Teacher Education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and aimed at TAMK’s partner universities, as well as for other partner organisations involved in education, RDI and project activities.