CID Posters

In 2017, the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is starting a third publication series, CID Posters, as explained in detail earlier. The goal is to visually present concepts or quotes related to intercultural dialogue, so that they may quickly be understood and shared. As with other series, posters are being made available for free on the site. They may be downloaded, printed, and shared as is, without changes, without cost, so long as there is acknowledgment of the source.

NOTE: the images above only show what these look like – clicking on them gets you a small PNG version, which will not print well. Use the links below, leading to the original posts, to learn about them and to access printable versions.

Detailed information for each poster, including artist, design details, and source of the quote or content, as well as a printable version, are all available using these links:
1: Intercultural Communication/ Competence/ Dialogue
2: Key Concepts as the World
3: Intercultural Dialogue Definition
4: Types of Cultural Communication
5: Communication as Culture Definition
6: Dialogue Defined
7: Social Justice/Social Harmony
8: Intercultural Competence/Intercultural Dialogue
9: Strangers into Friends
10: Multiculturalism vs. Social Cohesion
11: Language and Intercultural Communication

Just in case anyone wants to cite a poster, the following would be the recommended format:

Center for Intercultural Dialogue. (2017). Intercultural communication, intercultural competence, intercultural dialogue. CID Posters, 1. Available from:

If you have an idea for a poster you would like to create, send an email to the series editor, Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, in order to receive approval, to minimize inadvertent duplication, and to learn about technical requirements. Presumably most posters will display and then illustrate a quote or concept either about intercultural dialogue or on a closely related topic, although if anyone has other ideas, describe what you would like to do. As is the case with other CID Publications, posters should be created initially in English. Given that translations of the Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue have received so many views, anyone who wishes to translate their own poster into another language (or two) is invited to provide that as well. If you want to volunteer to translate someone else’s poster into a language in which you are fluent, send in a note before starting, to receive approval and to confirm no one else is working on the same one.

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