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Guest PostsOccasionally various people write about something related to the concerns of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, and what they have to say appears as a guest post. Many of these focus on direct observation of interactions between members of different cultural groups, but others are more abstract reflections. If you have a brief discussion you would like to see appear on the site, please submit it for review. This page provides links to all the PDFs. As with all publications on this site, guests posts are available for free; just click on the thumbnail to download a printable PDF. They may be downloaded, printed, and shared as is, without changes, without cost, so long as there is acknowledgment of the source.

Trudy Milburn. (2013, March 15). Listening carefully to intercultural dialogue in Saudi Arabia.

Maria Flora Mangano. (2013, July 18). An interesting example of dialogue among cultures.

Yoshitaka Miike. (2013, December 31). On inheriting the fields of international and intercultural communication: A personal reflection.

Maria Flora Mangano. (2014, January 2). A lesson dedicated to the genocide in Burundi: An occasion of dialogue as a space of relationship among cultures.

Robyn Penman. (2014, January 17). Feeling felt: The heart of the dialogic moment?

Miriam S. Sobre-Denton. (2014, February 12). Why cosmopolitanism?

Charles McKinney. (2014, July 22). Conquering the cultural barriers of teaching in Thailand.

Trudy Milburn. (2014, September 4). How conducting assessment is similar to learning about new cultures.

Trudy Milburn. (2014, October 9). Assessing Intercultural Competency – Part II.

Peter Praxmarer. (2015, January 18). Charlie Hebdo and intercultural dialogue.

Paola Giorgis. (2015, November 24). Teaching EFL with a hidden agenda: Introducing intercultural awareness through a grammar lesson.

Trudy Milburn. (2015, November 28). Dialogue about border crossers.

Zvi Bekerman. (2016, January 25). Multi/cross-cultural education in need of paradigmatic change

Lauren Mackenzie. (2016, February 3). Military cross-cultural competence.

Wenshan Jia. (2016, March 7). Intercultural neologisms for a new revolution.

Dominic Busch. (2016, March 21). Some observations on internal social discourses on the recent increase of refugee immigration into Germany.

Peter Praxmarer. (2016, March 28). Refugees, Germany, willkommenskultur and intercultural communication: Response to Dominic Busch’s post.

Trudy Milburn. (2016, April 4). Intercultural visual communication.

Paola Giorgis. (2016, August 10). On translation as an intercultural practice.

Paola Giorgis. (2017, February 27). Intercultural communication or post-cultural communication? Reflecting on mistakes in intercultural encounters.

Belinda F. Espiritu. (2017, March 2). Peace profile: Sebastiano D’Ambra.

Michael Steppat. (2017, March 29). Literature for intercultural awareness: A “key to perception”?

Leila Monaghan. (2017, April 12). Intercultural challenges of the deaf HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Linds J. de Wit. (2017, May 25). Amritsar: Conflict and harmony.

Gabriel Furmuzachi. (2017, June 5). Migration, language and dialogue.

Margarita Kefalaki. (2017, June 8). Intercultural dialogue via organizing international academic conferences.

Linda J. de Wit. (2017, August 30). Andalusia’s ambivalence: Between convivencia and Islamophobia.

Anastasia A. Karakitsou. (2018 February 12). Xenophobia vs. intercultural dialogue.

Mine Krause. (2018, October 8). Sharing an exotic meal as a trigger of intercultural dialogue.

Johanna Maccioni. (2019, April 24). Overlanding from Brussels to Kuala Lumpur: A few comments on interactions along the way.

Lisa Childress. (2019, August 5). Increasing faculty engagement in intercultural communication & internationalization on campus.

Steven Darian. (2019, August 19). Ruins.

Maria Flora Mangano. (2020, March 17). Space of relationship as a space of distance: A new proximity.

Janny H. C. Leung. (2021, January 14). COVID-sensitive kanji.

Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani. (2021, April 12). Cultural diplomacy, intercultural dialogue, and sustainable development: A view of the cultural diplomacy potential of the city of Islamabad.

Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen. (2021, November 1). A video game for fostering positive intercultural relationships.

Jinhyun Cho. (2022, January 17). Intercultural communication in interpreting: Power and choices.

Sabrina Sharma. (2022, April 25). Dialogue of Reflective Thought.

Maria Flora Mangano. (2022, May 2). Saturday morning (intercultural) school.

Mélodine Sommier, Anssi Roiha, & Malgorzata Lahti. (2023, January 30). Implementing Critical Approaches to Interculturality in Higher Education.

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