Teaching Abroad

The primary mission of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is to connect Communication scholars working in different countries. One way to do this is to help scholars in one country locate short-term teaching opportunities (traditionally often during the summer) in other countries. Links to mostly general programs follow; please add others, with web sites, or add specific information about a particular short-term position as a comment.

US Fulbright Program (Washington, DC) – Awards approximately 8000 grants per year to scholars, teachers, and professionals, either traveling from the US to other countries, or other countries to the US.

Central European Teaching Program (Budapest, Hungary) – Places English teachers in Hungarian cities for 6 or 10 month contracts.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) (Washington, DC) – Offers paid teaching positions for university graduates looking to teach English abroad and immerse themselves in a foreign community.

Educators Overseas (Greenwood Village, CO) – Helps teachers and school administrators find jobs in private, K-12 international schools around the world.

English First Teach Abroad (Beijing, China) – Arranges for English teaching positions in China, Russia, Indonesia.

Go Abroad (USA) – An international programs aggregator, with a section on teaching abroad.

Go Overseas (Portland, OR) – A community reviews site providing information about international, culturally immersive programs, trips, and jobs.

HESS International Educational Group (Taipei, Taiwan) – Runs English teaching programs across much of Asia.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows  (Israel) – The program invites English-speaking college graduates to Israel to teach English for 10 months.

Teach Away (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – Aggregator for international teaching positions, some teaching English, but other topics as well.

Transitions Abroad (Amherst, MA) – More a resource for teaching abroad than a placement organization. As such, the information applies to many countries, not just one.

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