Reflection on Making a Video for CID’s Competition

CID Video Competition

“The Making of…”: A Path between Cultures by Bruno Alicata and Giorgia Culotta.

In the following contribution we wish to present ‘The Making of’ the video of Class 5B which won the Second Prize in the 2018 CID international video competition “What Does Intercultural Dialogue Look Like?” We believe it is important to share such experience because making the video became the occasion for a meta-reflection on what ‘intercultural dialogue’ means to us and, at the same time, the occasion to actually practice several forms of intercultural dialogue. Therefore, besides the final result – which came unexpectedly, and made us greatly rejoice! – we wish to show how a collective and co-constructed endeavor can be the occasion to realize intercultural practices in their widest and most profound sense. – Paola Giorgis, Teacher, the School of Arts “Aldo Passoni,” Turin, Italy

[If you want to participate this year, check out 2019 CID Video Competition details]

Bruno Alicata: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” (Carl Gustav Jung, 2005 [1933], p. 49) Taking my cue from Jung, I must say that this experience was transformative, I believe for each person who took part in our work. As one of the most important reasons why we chose to take part in this competition was to experience an inner transformation by meeting other personalities from other cultures, I can say that, at the end of all this, this objective was fulfilled.

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Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

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