Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: North America


Juana Du (Multinational enterprises, corporate communication, Royal Roads University, Victoria)
Marcella LaFever (Applied Communication, University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, BC, Canada)
Suzanne Majhanovich (International Education, Western University, London, Ontario)
Yecid Ortega (Plurilingualism and Comparative, International Education, University of Toronto, Ontario)
Yan Qiu (Chinese media industry, Royal Roads University, Victoria)
Akari Takanishi (Multiculturaliam, Royal Roads University, Victoria)
Lidia Varbanova (Management Consultant, Trainer and Researcher, Montreal)
Katie Warfield (Social media studies, digital visual culture, feminist theory, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey)

United States

Debashis ‘Deb’ Aikat (News media, social media, international communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC)
John R. Baldwin (Intergroup communication, Illinois State University, IL)
Nilanjana R. Bardhan (Intercultural/international communication, rhetoric in non-Western contexts, University of Colorado, Denver, CO)
Soumia Bardhan (Global communication, Kansas State University, KS)
Khanh Bui (TESOL, University of Georgia, GA)
Richard Buttny (Intercultural communication, Syracuse University, NY)
Donal Carbaugh (Intercultural interactions, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA)
Hui-Ching Chang (Intercultural communication, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL)
Guo-Ming Chen (intercultural/organizational/global communication, University of Rhode Island, RI)
Yea-Wen Chen (Intercultural communication, San Diego State University, CA)
Lisa K. Childress (LKC Internationalization Consulting, CA)
Kristen Cole (Rhetoric, media, and cultural studies, Denison University, OH)
Patricia O. Covarrubias (Intercultural communication, University of New Mexico, NM)
Sherri Hope Culver (Media Literacy, Temple University, PA)
Steven Darian (Applied Linguistics, Rutgers University, NJ)
Giovanna Dell’Orto (International mass communication, University of Minnesota, MN)
Sara DeTurk (Intergroup dialogue, University of Texas at San Antonio, TX)
Uygar Doğan (Translation, Capital One Tech, NY)
Gonen Dori-Hacohen (Culture, politics and media, University of Massachusetts, MA)
Tenzin Dorjee (Intergroup/cultural/generational Communication, California State University, Fullerton, CA)
Donald G. Ellis
 (Intergroup conflict resolution, University of Hartford, CT)
William Evans (Health and science communication, University of Alabama, AL)
Sheyla Finkelshteyn (Intercultural communication, University of Kentucky, KY)
Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Conflict resolution, Columbia University, NY)
Shiv Ganesh (Global social justice movements, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA)
Melita Garza (American journalism history & immigrant press, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, USA)
Howard Giles (Intergroup communication, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA)
Cynthia Gordon (Sociolinguistics, Georgetown University, Washington, DC)
Susana Martínez Guillem (Interpretive and critical approaches to intercultural communication, University of New Mexico, NM)
Lisa Hanasono (Relational and intercultural communication, Bowling Green State University, OH)
Beth Bonniwell Haslett (Intercultural organizational communication, University of Delaware, DE)
Barbara Hines (Journalism history, Howard University, Washington, DC)
Shuzhen Huang (Gender and Sexuality Studies, Critical-cultural communication studies, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, PA)
Janice Hume (Journalism history, University of Georgia, GA)
Evelyn Ho (Health, culture and communication, University of San Francisco, CA)
Ronald L. Jackson II (Critical-cultural communication studies, race, gender, and identity, University of Cincinnati, OH)
Wenshan Jia (Intercultural/global communication, Ethnic relations in China and Chinese media, Chapman University, Orange, CA)
Emilija Jovanovska (Curriculum and Instruction, ESL, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID)
Chi-Hoon Kim (Gastronational branding, Anthropology of food, New York, NY)
Stephen A. King (Rhetoric, intercultural communication and popular culture, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS)
Igor Klyukanov (Philosophy of communication, Intercultural communication, Semiotics, Eastern Washington University, WA)
Anna Klyueva (International and global strategic communication, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX)
Michele Koven (Culture and communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL)
Anastacia Kurylo, (Stereotypes, St. Joseph’s College, NY)
Li Li (Instructional intercultural communication, Ohio University, OH)
Sunny Lie (Intercultural communication, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA)
Meina Liu (Intercultural and organization communication, University of Maryland, MD)
Casey Man Kong Lum (Media ecology, intercultural communication, urban foodways, William Paterson University, NJ)
Milton Machuca-Galvez (Anthropology & Latin American studies, Rutgers University, NJ)
Lauren Mackenzie (Military cross-cultural competence, Marine Corps University, VA)
Lauren Mark (Intercultural communication, performance studies, Arizona State University, AZ)
S. Lily Mendoza (Culture and communication, indigenous studies, Oakland University, CA)
Yoshitaka Miike (Asian cultures and communication, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, HI)
Trudy Milburn (Culture, collaboration, community,  Purchase College/State University of New York, NY)
Ann Neville Miller (Health communication, especially in Africa, University of Central Florida, FL)
Suman Mishra (Transnational media, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL)
A. Chase Mitchell (Nonprofit strategic communication, Texas Tech University, TX)
Leila Monaghan (Linguistic & cultural anthropology, Northern Arizona University, AZ)
Toussaint Nothias (Critical media studies, Stanford University, CA)
Elenie Opffer (Conflict, culture, gender, and peacebuilding, Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, CA)
Renu Pariyadath (Critical cultural studies, University of South Carolina Upstate, SC)
Elizabeth S. Parks (Listening & intercultural communication, University of Minnesota Duluth, MN)
Rehana Paul (International Studies, American University, Washington, DC)
Luis Javier Pentón Herrera (Educational Leadership and Administration, American College of Education, Indianapolis, IN)
Marika Preziuso (World literature, social justice, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA)
Roxanna Senyshyn (ESL pedagogy & applied linguistics, Pennsylvania State University, PA)
Jonathan Shailor (Conflict transformation, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, WI)
Sachiyo M. Shearman (Cross-cultural communication, Michigan State University, MI)
Natasha Shrikant (Communication & identity, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)
Salma T. Shukri (Intercultural conflict management, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)
Robert Shuter (International communication, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI)
Michael D. Slater (Health communication, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)
Andrew R. Smith (Critical communication philosophy, intercultural and international relations, Edinboro University, PA)
Larry E. Smith (World Englishes, Christopher, Smith & Associates, HI)
Miriam Sobré (Intercultural communication and cosmopolitanism, Texas State University, San Antonio, TX)
Tasha Souza (Communication and pedagogy, Boise State University, Boise, ID)
Stacey K. Sowards (Intercultural, feminist, environmental, and rhetorical communication, University of Texas El Paso, TX)
Leah Sprain (Culture, deliberation, environmental communication, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)
Tim Steffensmeier (Deliberative democracy, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
John Stewart (Philosophy of language, dialogue, University of Dubuque, IA)
Cynthia Stohl (Globalization and organizational communication, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA)
Helen Sun (Telecommunications, University of Texas-Permian Basin, TX)
Sachiko Terui (Intercultural health communication, University of Memphis, AL)
Maria F. Townsend (Bilingual education, New York University, NY)
Rebecca Townsend (Deliberation, University of Hartford, CN)
Federico Subervi-Vélez (U.S. Latinos and media, Latin American media systems; University of Wisconsin-Madison—honorary, USA)
Qi Wang (Conflict management, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, Villanova University, PA)
Yael Warshel (Peace communication, University of California Los Angeles, CA)
Kenneth Baxter Wolf (History, classics, interfaith dialogue, Pomona College, CA)
Suzie Suriam Wordofa (French and Francophone Studies)
Jing Yin (Chinese media and globalization, University of Hawai’i at Hilo, HI)
Qin Zhang (Intercultural, instructional and interpersonal communication, Fairfield University, CT)

Shanoy Coombs (Development communication, Jamaica)

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