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The core mission of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is to help scholars interested in intercultural dialogue (either as a topic of study on its own or engaging in intercultural dialogues with peers) to connect with international colleagues. An obvious first step is to connect scholars across national boundaries. This page serves as a beginning point, listing researchers interested in intercultural topics who want to collaborate with others who have received very different training, or who conduct their research in a very different context. If you would like to participate, submit information about who you are, where you are based, and what research you are currently doing (especially if you’re interested in a collaborative international project). There is no one format to follow – just look at several prior profiles to get a sense of what others have included.

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1 thought on “Researcher Profiles”

  1. Title: “An example of intercultural and interdisciplinary research”

    Bernadette and I are scholars in intercultural communication with an experience in communication of science.
    Bernadette Longo is an Associate Professor of the Department of Writing Studies of the University of Minnesota (USA) and is the Director of Graduate Studies, MS in Scientific & Technical Communication.
    I (Maria Flora Mangano) am an Italian freelance in Communication of Science, a lecture of Communication of Scientific Research to Ph.D. students of some Italian Faculties and Invited Professor of intercultural Communication in an Italian Theological Faculty.
    We met at the National Communication Association Summer Conference on Intercultural Dialogue, held in July 2009 in Istanbul (Turkey).
    After that meeting Bernadette proposed me to present a paper together at the EASST 2010, the Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology which would be held in September 2010 in Trento (Northern Italy) with the title: “Practicing science and technology, performing the social.”
    We attended the Conference last week and presented our paper together, with the title: “Using Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Communication to Accommodate Social Dynamics in Technology Development”.
    It was a non conformist paper for that context: about 800 participants, above all from Western countries, almost all scientists of different branch of sociology of science.
    We were the only two to present together in our session and actually in many others, about 41 parallel sessions each day. We prepared it together during these months, sharing our opinions by e-mail. We belong to different cultures, with different background but the approach to research is the same: we try to found a common ground between our cultures as the basis to find a common ground between our disciplines.
    It has been a great experience of dialogue between Bernadette and me. We spend a lot of time to talk about the idea of communication as a gift for the other, as one of the original meaning of the Latin term “cum munus”. We found many aspects in common in trying to apply this idea in research and teaching.
    This beautiful experience would not have been possible without the meeting in Istanbul, quite unique for both of us, as it was based on the idea of a small conference, with many occasions of dialogue and time dedicated to know each other in addition to the town.
    Our wish is to have other opportunities to share ideas, suggestions and time together, the bases of research and dialogue, according to us.

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