Profiles: Researchers and Practitioners in ICD

The core mission of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is to help scholars (students as well as faculty) and practitioners (journalists and filmmakers, applied linguists and translators, trainers and policy makers, teachers and artists) interested in intercultural dialogue (either as a topic of study on its own or engaging in intercultural dialogues with peers) to connect with international peers and colleagues. An obvious first step is to connect people across national boundaries. This page serves as a beginning point, listing profiles for people interested in intercultural topics who want to collaborate with others who have received very different training, or who conduct their research or practice in a very different context. If you wish to be added, please email a profile for review. You’ll be asked in what activity you would like to participate: writing or translating for CID are the most common. There is no one format to follow – just look at several prior profiles to get a sense of what others have included.

(NOTE: The first 202 profiles were titled “researcher profiles” because originally the assumption was that everyone included would be a researcher. As we have realized that many of those profiled are in fact practitioners of various sorts, we have updated our vocabulary.)

Profiles are divided into different regions. Please click on the desired region on the map to access the list of researchers in the corresponding area.

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Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: Africa
Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: Asia
Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: Europe
Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: Middle East
Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: North America
Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: Oceania
Researcher and Practitioner Profiles: South America

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