CFP Education in Global Perspectives

“PublicationCall for proposals: Comparative and International Education Society Book Series: Education in Global Perspectives. Deadline: Ongoing.

Education in Global Perspectives is a book series launched by the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) and SUNY Press. They publish cutting-edge scholarship, examining key issues in the field of comparative and international education. With a concerted focus by the series editors to support early career researchers to publish their first monograph, the series will situate these contributions alongside the work of more established scholars.

The series welcomes contributions from early career to more established researchers. They invite a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives rooted in comparative and international education and global studies in education. With a focus on inclusion, the series encourages proposals from scholars of diverse backgrounds and contexts around the world.

Books in the series may employ global, cross-national, regional, or other comparisons of educational phenomena. They may conduct quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods analyses; they may feature multi-sited ethnography; in-depth or comparative case studies; trace phenomena historically across sites, scales and systems; or be theoretical, philosophical, or conceptual studies.

’If you are interested in finding out more – please get in touch: The editors welcome the opportunity to get involved and support authors through the process of deciding whether to submit a proposal and beyond. Details on what is required to submit a proposal can be found here.

CFP Transnational Families and Media Practices (Netherlands)

ConferencesCall for Papers: Transnational families and media practices: methods, ethics and critical approaches, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 7-9 December 2023. Deadline: 28 April 2023.

Transnational families, through their ability to cross borders, connect cultures, expand the meanings and limits of national belonging, and negotiate the cultural, linguistic and psychological challenges of migration, have become exemplary models of “mobile lives”. Transnational families offer insights into the contradictions and complexities of interculturality as a lived reality permeating more and less intimate interpersonal experiences. The centrality of transnational family communication in today’s world is enhanced by everyday digital media usage, the ubiquity of portable devices and the new technical affordances of platforms and apps. Transnational families therefore help us apprehend historical transformations connected to mediated experiences of crossing borders and interculturality.

While the attention of scholars has intensified around how transnational families both shape and are shaped by the (urban) spaces they leave and enter, organizers contend that more attention needs to be paid to the methodological and ethical challenges researchers face when studying transnational families and communities. This conference provides an opportunity for scholars to discuss the assumptions underpinning their research and to share critical reflections on the ethical responsibilities that researchers have when observing transnational families and communities, including through digital platforms and their connection with mobility processes in and through cities.

Organizers invite scholars and PhD researchers to submit abstract proposals that engage with new theoretical, methodological and ethical approaches to the study of transnational families and their communication practices in Europe and beyond. They also welcome submissions that can provide historical perspectives into the (dis)continuities characterizing transnational families and their media practices. Contributions that call into question Eurocentric forms of knowledge through decolonial narratives and frameworks are especially welcome.

Two sections of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), specifically the Diaspora, Migration and the Media; and International and Intercultural Communication sections, have organized this conference. 


Mother Tongue Film Festival 2023 (USA)

Intercultural PedagogyThe Smithsonian Institution’s Mother Tongue Film Festival celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity by showcasing films and filmmakers from around the world. This year’s theme is Coming Home.

The Smithsonian’s Mother Tongue Film Festival celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity by showcasing films and filmmakers from around the world, highlighting the crucial role languages play in our daily lives. In 2023, the festival returned in person, in Washington, DC, February 23 to 26, but many of the films are now available to stream in full on their website.

A few examples of the films available to stream:

Definition of Resilience is a four-episode radio and video documentary series highlighting the dynamic stories of Native American hip-hop MCs. Episode 2 considers the topic of identity.

Witch is a collaboration between Apashe, a Canadian dance and electronic musician, and Alina Pash, a Ukrainian rapper and musician. The music is described as “creepy orchestral with dance flavor,” and Pash’s rap vocals are reminiscent of spellcasting. Shot in Pash’s hometown of Kyiv, the music video weaves the story of a witch burner who reaps what he sows.

AUM: Communication (Kuwait)

“JobAssistant Professor / Associate Professor in Communication, Liberal Arts Department, American University of the Middle East, Kuwait. Deadline: 1 April 2023.

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) is a private university established in 2005 in Kuwait. AUM’s mission is to provide an interactive learning environment that facilitates the development of leaders who are committed to their culture, global ethical values, and professionalism. The Liberal Arts Department (LAD) at AUM strives to prepare students for the challenges of the ever-changing global community by cultivating enduring skills for lifelong achievement through an emphasis on creative thinking and effective communication, accompanied with cultural awareness that a liberal arts education provides. AUM Liberal Arts Department (LAD) is recruiting full-time faculty members as Assistant Professors or Associate Professors for Communication courses to start from Spring semester 2023 to teach Communication courses on speech, small group, intercultural and business communication.

Institute for Study Abroad: Multiple Positions (UK & Ireland)

“Job Multiple positions at the Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA), (organization is based in Indiana, USA, but positions based in UK and Ireland). Deadlines vary by position.

  • Student Experience Coordinator, Part-Time (based in Galway, Ireland; deadline: open until filled)

    They are looking for an individual to support IFSA’s programmes throughout Ireland. This position provides academic and cultural support for undergraduate students; organises co-curricular activities and contributes to the overall operations. In this position, you will work closely with all members of the local team, as well as colleagues from sites in the Europe, the Global Health & Safety Team, Programme Operations, Academic Programmes and Student Engagement teams.

  • Student Experience Coordinator, Part-Time (based in Oxford, UK); deadline 2 April 2023).

    They are looking for an individual to support IFSA’s programmes in Oxford and Cambridge. This part-time position provides high quality academic and cultural support for undergraduate students studying with IFSA in Oxford and Cambridge. You will organize co-curricular activities and personal check ins that support student learning and satisfaction outcomes.

CFP Language Policy and Practice in Multilingual Families

“PublicationCall for proposals: Language Policy and Practice in Multilingual Families, Special Issue of Languages. Deadline: 31 March 2023.

Special Issue Editors: Anastassia Zabrodskaja (Estonia) and Natalia Ringblom (Sweden)

This Special Issue welcomes manuscripts of various types, such as articles, reviews, and conceptual papers of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary nature, that seek to contribute to the analysis of language policy and practice in multilingual families from a multidisciplinary perspective. The multilingual (resp. bilingual) family is a worldwide fact, as more and more families now use more than one language. This provokes situations in which the family is faced with the problem of maintaining a heritage language (mother tongue, home, immigrant or minority language), its transmission to the next generation, or a language attrition and shift towards a dominant (societal or majority) language. Language transmits culture and history; thus, the loss of one’s heritage language can lead to the loss of inherited knowledge. As such, a conscious decision must be made by parents to pass on language, especially as children enter adolescence and become more independent, including in their language choices. Various factors influence the transmission of heritage language and culture, including: motivation (integrative and intrinsic motivation); its symbolic role; linguistic ideologies and language identity; socioeconomic status; social networks; religion; tendency towards social segregation or inclusion; language solidarity; the speaker’s environment and the value of multilingualism in specific domains (family, school, community and individual); and the use of heritage language in public space and its usefulness and cultural value.


CIEE Scholarships & Grants for Study Abroad 2023


Multiple Scholarships & Grants for Study Abroad, Council on International Educational Exchange,  Portland, Maine, USA. Deadline: 1 April 2023.

The nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization CIEE has been bringing the world together, advancing peace by building bridges of mutual understanding between different people, different countries, and different cultures for 75 years. They offer a variety of scholarships and grants; some are based on need, others on academic achievement, and a few are intended for alumni of a prior CIEE program. They also offer a variety of global internships.

A related program, BridgeUSA, annually attracts around 300,000 individuals to the United States from 200 countries and territories to study in U.S. high schools, universities, and research institutions; build professional networks; enhance English language and intercultural skills; and teach in U.S. schools, colleges, and universities.

Developing Across Differences: Learning Labs (Netherlands or Egypt)

EventsLearning Lab and Community Week, Institute for Developing Across Differences, 10-15 July 2023, Groningen, Netherlands OR 27-30 November 2023, Cairo, Egypt. Deadline: varies by program.

The Institute for Developing Across Differences (IDD) is designed to improve on impact by understanding where there are (and are not) intersections among four key areas of study and practice in the differences field: —intercultural communication, global learning, anti-discrimination/diversity & inclusion, and global competence— then borrowing from and expanding on them.

In 2023, all experienced practitioners and scholars (and those who aspire to the field) are invited to join for either or both:

  • European Developing Across Differences in Groningen, NL, 10-15 July, 2023
  • Middle Eastern & African Developing Across Differences in Cairo, EG, 27-30 November, 2023

(A North American program will run in August 2024.)

CFP Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (UK)

ConferencesCall for Papers: 13th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, University of Glasgow, 4-6 September 2023. Deadline: 27 March 2023.

The 13th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP). ALAPP 2023 will be hosted by the Department of English Language and Linguistics, University of Glasgow, 4-6 September 2023. The Post-ALAPP Masterclass is scheduled on 7 September 2023. ALAPP aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, especially language and communication research and professional domains (e.g., business, organization studies, education, banking, health care, therapy, journalism, law, social care and welfare, immigration and border control, police work, translation and interpreting) to share ideas and discuss innovations and interventions.


CFP Invisible Peace Work: Narratives of Hope and Despair

“PublicationCall for book chapter abstracts: Invisible Peace Work: Narratives of Hope and Despair. Deadline: 27 March 2023.

Emi Kanemoto, Eddah Mutua, & Sasha Allgayer seek chapter proposals for an edited book (in conversation with Peter Lang) that provides narratives about individual experiences around wars, conflicts, and violence in/from different regions of the world.  While the primary way people around the world learn of conflict is through media, the world rarely gets to know what happens when the cameras go off. It is the peace scholars, practitioners, and the locals at the sites who are there, seeing, and experiencing. Through this book, they seek to bring out the “invisible” experiences in peace work.

They are specifically looking for autobiographical storytelling to foreground nuanced personal experiences with peace-building scholarship and activism. Their hope is that the stories shared offer an opportunity for scholars and peace practitioners to highlight experiences that engage in purpose and provide directions about ways to sustain doing peace work in the long-term.

Contributors can include scholars and peace practitioners who have experienced war and reconciliation first-hand, as well as those who visit such post-conflict settings in efforts to contribute different ways of understanding peace scholarship and practice. At the same time, there are drawbacks to peacebuilding efforts which are just as important to highlight.

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