Syracuse U Study Abroad London 2019

Study AbroadSyracuse University Study Abroad London, May 16-June 14, 2019. Application Deadline: February 10, 2019.

Course options include: International Social Media and Public Relations Management. Students will study the best practices surrounding social media and PR in an international setting while experiencing some of the tremendous cultural and historical locations in London.  In addition to classroom sessions, students will visit public relations agencies and organizations to learn the similarities and differences of the global practice of PR. Other course possibilities include: Global Citizens/Global Cities, International Advertising.  As part of your program experience, you’ll go on a weekend-long trip to the Lake District, England’s largest National Park as well as a World Heritage Site, led by the Syracuse London staff.

Richard Buttny Profile

ProfilesRichard Buttny is a professor of communication and rhetorical studies at Syracuse University.

His research interests include discursive analysis, ethnopolitical discourse, and environmental conflicts.

Sample publications:

Sandel, T.L., Buttny, R. & Varghese, M. (2019). Online exchange across three  contexts: An analysis of culture and technological affordances.  Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 48, 52-71.

Buttny, R. (2018). Commentary on accounts for breaking the silence: An Israeli discourse of dissent. Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 13, 17-22.

Buttny, R., & Hashim, A. (2015). Dialogue on ‘1 Malaysia’: The uses of metadiscourse in ethnopolitical accounting. Discourse & Society26(2), 147-164.

Buttny, R., Hashim, A., & Kaur, K. (2013). Ethnopolitical discourse among ordinary Malaysians: Diverging accounts of “the good-old days” in discussing multiculturalism. Text & Talk33(3), 289-309.

Buttny, R. (2003). Multiple voices in talking race: Pakeha reported speech. in the discursive construction of the racial other. In H. van den Berg, M. Wetherell & H. Houtkoop-Steenstra (Eds.), Analyzing race talk: Multidisciplinary perspectives on the research interview (pp. 103-118). Cambridge University Press.

See his web page for more specifics. See description of his Fulbright in Malaysia, already published elsewhere on this site.

Work for CID:

Richard Buttny wrote KC20: Metadiscourse, and described his Fulbright experience. He was one of the participants in the Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue in Asia, co-sponsored by CID.

Richard Buttny – Fulbright

Richard Buttny
Syracuse University

Fulbright to Malaysia/Fulbright Senior Specialist to India

Having a Fulbright Fellowship has been a great experience, meeting and working along with colleagues at their universities.  I had a Fulbright to Malaysia at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Shah Alam for six months in 2008-09.  I ended up giving lectures to faculty on qualitative research methods and taught one graduate class on media and culture.  I was able to work with colleagues on on-going research projects and have been back to the region a couple more times.

My first Fulbright was made possible by a former graduate student who had become Chair of his Department and wrote a letter on my behalf.  This was a Fulbright Senior Specialist to lecture on intercultural communication at Punjabi University, India, 2003.  The Senior Specialist awards are only up to six weeks.  I wish I would have had a longer stay there.