City U Macau: Several Positions in Applied Linguistics & English (China)

“JobSeveral positions are available in Applied Linguistics & English Studies, City University of Macau, Macau, China. Deadline: 21 May 2022.

1. Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics & English Studies

2. Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics & English Studies

3. Professor, Applied Linguistics and English Studies

In each case, they are looking for at least two areas of the following aspects of Applied Linguistics and English Studies: Applied Linguistics; AI for linguistic studies; Multimodality learning; Corpus Linguistics; Teaching languages to young learners; language development; Psycholinguistics; Intercultural Communication; Second language acquisition; Research methods in social sciences; Multilingual education; translation; speech and language therapy; language disability.

City U Macau: Global Exchange Office (China)


Head of the Global Exchange Office, City University of Macau, Macau, China. Deadline: 20 December 2021.


The City University of Macau is now inviting applications for the Head of their Global Exchange Office. Job description and qualifications include:

  • Assist the senior management in steering the development of the University in global affairs according to its vision & mission;
  • Responsible for the University’s global strategies. global education, exchange programs, and the University’s institutional development and partnerships in mainland;
  • Liaise collaborations and partnerships with international universities and corporations;
  • Responsible for agreements and MOUs with external entities;
  • Responsible for Study Abroad Programs;
  • Responsible for international visits by university delegations;
  • Responsible for other University affairs as assigned.

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