Igor Klyukanov Profile

ProfilesIgor E. Klyukanov is Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication Studies at Eastern Washington University.


Igor Klyukanov

He defended his doctoral dissertation, Dynamics of Intercultural Communication: Towards a New Conceptual Framework, at Saratov State University (Russia). He has served as Chair of the NCA Taskforce on Enhancing the Internationalization of Communication, Chair of the NCA Philosophy of Communication division, and as a member of the Russian Communication Association Steering Committee. He served as an Associate Editor of The American Journal of Semiotics and is the Founding Editor of the Russian Journal of Communication (Taylor & Francis). He organized the First International Communicology Institute Colloquium at Eastern Washington University in May 2014.

He is interested in intercultural and global communication issues as well as communication theory, philosophy of communication, semiotics, general linguistics, and translation studies. His works have been published in U.S., Russia, England, Spain, Costa Rica, Serbia, Bulgaria, India, and Morocco.

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Klyukanov, I., & Sinekopova, G. V. (2016). Beyond the binary: Toward the paraconsistencies of Russian communication codes. International Journal of Communication 10, 2258–2274.

Klyukanov, I. (2010). A communication universe: Manifestations of meaning, stagings of significance. Lanham, MA: Lexington Books.

Klyukanov, I. (2005). Principles of intercultural communication. Boston: Pearson Education.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

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