Marika Preziuso Researcher Profile

Researcher Profiles Marika Preziuso holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the Caribbean Diaspora and an M.A. in Gender, Society and Culture, both from the University of London, UK.

Marika Preziuso

Prior to discovering her calling as a teacher, Marika studied French, German, Spanish and English language and culture and worked as a literary translator and consecutive interpreter in Italy and the UK, where she lived before moving to the United States. Marika is Associate Professor of World Literature in the Liberal Arts department at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, where she teaches courses in postcolonial and multicultural literature, women’s literature in global perspective, and the intersections of technology, creativity, and social justice. She is very interested in socially engaged speculative fiction and in artists like Wangechi Mutu, Kara Walker and Doris Salcedo, who use surreal elements and uncanny strangeness as a form of social commentary, intercultural practice and feminist critique.

Marika’s instructional approach emphasizes intercultural knowledge and communication, and the dialogue across disciplines and media. Her globally responsive teaching has been informed by her experiences as an international student in the UK and in the Caribbean (Cuba and Martinique), as well as an international faculty aboard of one of the Semester at Sea voyages in 2012.

In 2014, Marika co-edited the collection of essays Migrant Identities of Creole Cosmopolitans, with Dr. Nirmala Menon of the India Institute of Technology (IIT). Published by Peter Lang, this collection offers numerous perspectives on the condition of the displaced migrant in light of the colonial legacies and the often problematic framework of cultural hybridity.

For full list of Marika’s publications follow link to academia page.

Other relevant websites:
Migrant Identities of Creole Cosmopolitans
Creative Counterpoints: Women, Difference, and the Arts 

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