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ProfilesSusana Martínez Guillem (Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico, USA. She is also affiliate faculty at the Latin American and Iberian Institute, and the European Studies Program at UNM.

She is originally from Spain, and came to the United States to start her graduate studies in 2000. Before moving to New Mexico, she spent her time between Europe and the U.S., living in Iowa, Italy, Spain and Colorado.

Dr. Martínez Guillem is convinced that the best scholarship comes out of grappling with productive tensions among different methods, theories and disciplines. In her research, she draw from the Discourse Studies as well as the Cultural Studies traditions, together with scholarship on race, ethnicity and whiteness across the humanities and the social sciences. She finds these theoretical and practical intersections necessary as she tries to develop a research agenda that aims at approaching complex phenomena in a holistic way.

Her current projects include examining the ideological dimensions of institutional, mediated, and everyday practices in relation to immigration, place, space, social movements (anti)racism, bilingualism, and their connection to material conditions.

Selected publications:

Martínez Guillem, S. & Toula T.M. (2018) Critical Discourse Studies and/in communication: theories, methodologies, and pedagogies at the intersections. Review of Communication, 18(3), 140-157.

Martínez Guillem, S. & Barnes, C. C. (2018). Am I a good [white] mother? Mad Men, Bad Mothers, and post(racial)feminism. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 35, 3, 286-299.

Martínez Guillem, S. & Cvetkovic, I. (2018). Analysis of discourses and rhetoric in European migration politics. In A. Weinar (Ed.), Handbook on the politics of migration in Europe. London: Routledge.

Martínez Guillem, S. (2017). Precarious privilege: Indignad@s, daily disidentifications, and cultural (re)production. Communication & Critical/Cultural Studies, 14(3), 238-253.

Martínez Guillem, S. (2017). Critical discourse studies; Race/ethnicity.  In J. Flowerdew & J. E. Richardson (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Critical Discourse Studies. New York: Routledge.

García Agustín, O., Martín Rojo, L., Pujolar Cos, J., Pérez Milans, M., Moustaoui Srhir, A., Hidalgo McCabe, E. A., Cárdenas Neira, C. & Martínez Guillem, S. (2016). Reflexiones sobre ‘Occupy. The spatial dynamics of discourse in global protest movements’ de Luisa Martin Rojo. Discurso y Sociedad, 10(4) 640-684.

Briziarelli, M., & Martínez Guillem, S. (2016). Reviving Gramsci: Crisis, communication, and change. New York: Routledge.

Martínez Guillem, S.,  & Flores, L. A. (2015). Maternal transgressions, feminist regressions: How Whiteness mediates the (worst) White moms. In H. L. Hundley & S. E. Hayden (Eds.), Mediated moms: Contemporary challenges to the motherhood myth. New York: Peter Lang.

Martínez Guillem, S. (2015). Exclusive inclusion: EU integration discourse as regulating practice. Critical Discourse Studies, 12(4), 426-444.

Martínez Guillem, S. (2014) Going global, (re)locating privilege: A journey into the borders of Whiteness, foreignness, and performativity. Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 9(3), 212-226.

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