U Vienna: Visiting Professor in Language Sciences (Austria)

“JobVisiting Professor of Language Sciences, Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna, Austria. Deadline: 9 May 2022.

This is a temporary position, beginning 1 October 2022. Successful candidates should be specialised in linguistics (Spanish), in particular in intercultural research and plurilinguism. They will teach both undergraduates and graduates in the Bachelor and the Master programme “Romanistik”. Their teaching load will be 8 hours per week.

U Vienna: Romance Linguistics, Interculturality, Multilingualism (Austria)

“JobUniversity Professor of Romance Linguistics, Interculturality, Multilingualism, University of Vienna, Austria. Deadline: 12 April 2022.

At the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna the position of a University Professor of Romance Linguistics: Interculturality and Multilingualism (full time, permanent position) is to be filled. The candidate/applicant has a Romance research and teaching profile in the area of linguistics, with a focus on plurilingualism and interculturality. The candidate/applicant should be qualified, for Romance, in the fundamental linguistic fields of grammar, variational linguistics and language change. The candidate/applicant is expected to be able to represent Spanish and at least one other Romance language in linguistic research and teaching.

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