KC53: Conflict Management Translated into Igbo

Key Concepts in ICDContinuing translations of Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, today I am posting KC#53:Conflict Management, which Qi Wang wrote in English in 2015, and which Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi has now translated into Igbo.

As always, all Key Concepts are available as free PDFs; just click on the thumbnail to download. Lists of Key Concepts organized chronologically by publication date and number, alphabetically by concept, and by languages into which they have been translated, are available, as is a page of acknowledgments with the names of all authors, translators, and reviewers.

KC53 Conflict Management_IgboWang, Q. (2017). Conflict management [Igbo]. (K. O. Ugwuanyi, trans). Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, 53. Available from:

If you are interested in translating one of the Key Concepts, please contact me for approval first because dozens are currently in process. As always, if there is a concept you think should be written up as one of the Key Concepts, whether in English or any other language, propose it. If you are new to CID, please provide a brief resume. This opportunity is open to masters students and above, on the assumption that some familiarity with academic conventions generally, and discussion of intercultural dialogue specifically, are useful.

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Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi Profile


Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi teaches English linguistics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi


His main research interests include sociolinguistics, Nigerian English, world Englishes, and applied linguistics. He’s currently undertaking his doctoral research on Nigerian English at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.


Please visit his University of Nigeria staff profile, Northumbria University student profile or ResearchGate profile for additional information.

Work for CID:
Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi translated KC53: Conflict Management into Igbo. He has also served as a reviewer for Igbo.