Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi Researcher Profile

Researcher ProfilesKingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi was born in Nsukka, Southeastern Nigeria, the host town of the University of Nigeria where he completed his BA in English and literary studies and MA in TESL. He has been teaching and researching at the same university since 2010 (currently on study leave). In 2016, Northumbria University awarded him a studentship to undertake doctoral research in sociolinguistics. Please visit his University of Nigeria staff profile and Northumbria University student profile for additional information.

Kingsley Oluchi UGWUANYI


Ugwuanyi, K. O., Chukwu, M. O., & Eze, H. O. (2016). The tragic order and the threat of comedy in Achebe’s Arrow of GodOkike: African Journal of New Writing, 55, 23-35.

Ugwuanyi, K. O., & Chukwu, M. O. (2016). Interrogating the teaching and learning of English in Nigeria: Still in search of an enabling principle. Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching (TOJELT), 1(2), 75-84.

Ugwuanyi, K. O., Ekeh, S. O. (2015). Shifting the borders: Genre-crossing in Modern African DramaResearch Innovator: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 2(5), 1-17.

Chukwu, M., Oguanuo, I., & Ugwuanyi, K. O. (2014). Poor literacy in the English language: Beyond the teacher and his classroom, inside the mass media. Literacy and Reading in Nigeria: A Journal of the Reading Association of Nigeria, 15(2), 261-266.

Conference paper

Ugwuanyi, K.O. (2017). ‘English as a native second language’: The problem of taxonomy and identity in Nigerian English. Presented at the 22nd International Conference of the International Association for World Englishes (IAWE), 30 June – 2 July 2017 at Syracuse University, New York.

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