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Cultural diplomacy all about blending cultures: ICCR DG

Dhrupad music incorporated into a choreographed Mohiniyattam work, a tandem of classical ballet, Kathak and Flamenco or even sharing of stage space by Qawali troupes from Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Sounds unique?

Well, that’s the new definition of ‘cultural diplomacy’ according to Suresh K Goel, Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

“It is not mandatory that the audience in India will only enjoy classical art forms or the new generation will only enjoy contemporary forms, we need to experiment, exchange and then enjoy,” Goel told the Press Trust of India in an interview.

The ICCR, he says, is undertaking efforts to ensure that various art forms in India reach audiences worldwide while people within India get opportunities to witness and enjoy the different art forms across the world.

“The latest programme we conducted was a unique musical arrangement with Los Angeles-based Grammy nominee Donna Summer who has also created music for Whitney Houston,” says Goel.

Another recent programme by the cultural body featured work by musician Mac Quayle who seamlessly brought together a unique blend of world music with Kerala rhythms, Dhrupad and Rabindra sangeet.

“This was perhaps for the first time Dhrupad has been incorporated into a Mohiniyattam choreographic work. So that’s how we blend different art forms and hence different cultures,” Goel elaborates.

ICCR does not just aim to facilitate or ensure Indian cultural penetration into other countries but also aims to create a dialogue and hence facilitate exchange of cultures.

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Richard Buttny – Fulbright

Richard Buttny
Syracuse University

Fulbright to Malaysia/Fulbright Senior Specialist to India

Having a Fulbright Fellowship has been a great experience, meeting and working along with colleagues at their universities.  I had a Fulbright to Malaysia at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Shah Alam for six months in 2008-09.  I ended up giving lectures to faculty on qualitative research methods and taught one graduate class on media and culture.  I was able to work with colleagues on on-going research projects and have been back to the region a couple more times.

My first Fulbright was made possible by a former graduate student who had become Chair of his Department and wrote a letter on my behalf.  This was a Fulbright Senior Specialist to lecture on intercultural communication at Punjabi University, India, 2003.  The Senior Specialist awards are only up to six weeks.  I wish I would have had a longer stay there.

Call for Papers-China


Morality, Spirituality and Culture: East and West
International and Interdisciplinary Conference in China
Yibin University, Yibin, China
May 28-30, 2011
Sponsors: Sichuan Thinkers Research Center and Yibin  University

Deadline for Abstract: March 15th,2011
Subtopics: Morality and Society, Morality and Religion, Morality and Culture, Atheism and Spirituality, Skepticism and Spirituality, Rules of conduct, Taoist view on Morality Enlightened Anarchy, Confucius Ethics, Perfectionist and Situational Ethics, Spirituality and Modern age, Humanism and Positivism, Reductionist view’s on moral responsibility, Ethnic Identity and Culture, Cultural Anthropology, Culture and Consumption, Politicizing Consumer Culture ,Archaeological Approaches to Culture, Social Identification, Dynamics of Group Culture, Ethnic Boundaries, Constructing and Deconstructing Ethnic Identity, Evolution of Culture, Encountering Different Cultures, Asian Civilization and Culture, Cultural shock, Civilization and Effect of Colonization, Deconstruction,  Contacts of Civilizations,  Asia and Europe, Death of a Civilization, Media and Culture, Pop culture and MTV, Cultural Transformation, Role of Culture and Religion, Cultural Meaning, Buddhism and Post modernity: Buddhist eth!
ics, and Indian Buddhism’s encounter with  Chinese Buddhism, Buddhism and Philosophy of Deconstruction, Ethics of Modernity etc.

Advisory Board Members: Michael Allen (USA), Akhalaque Ahan (India), Sankar Basu (India), Kisor Chakrabarti (USA), Linda B. Elder (USA), Gordon Haist (USA), Elizabeth Koldzak (Poland), Maria Marczewska (Poland), JoAnne Myers (USA), Eve Mullen (USA), Ming Shao (China), Nancy Snow (USA), Andrew Ward (UK), Mark Wood (USA), Yanling Xu

Director: Chandana Chakrabarti
Local coordinator: Ming Shao

Papers from the Conference will be published subject to editorial review (Journal of International and Interdisciplinary Studies/Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion).

Please note that there will be trips to various historical, archaeological places before and after the conference.
Chandana Chakrabarti, Ph.D.
Dean of International students
Director of the Center for Spirituality, Ethics and Global Awareness
Davis and Elkins College
Elkins, West Virginia 26241, USA
Phone: 304-637-1293

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