Macau Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue video

A short video documenting the Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue held at the University of Macau on March 28-30, 2014, is now available. Briefly, the Roundtable was organized by the Departments of Communication and English at the University of Macau as well as by the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, and attended by a dozen participants, representing not only Macao, but also Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The original post describing the Roundtable provides further details.

Global Campus of Human Rights (Italy)

Late announcement: On Monday, 28 July, EIUC will hold a one-day event aimed at raising awareness of the Global Campus and fostering debate on some of the main issues connected with the human rights of migrants. In this regard, the event will bring into focus the UN Migrant Workers Convention.

The conference, to be held at the EIUC premises in the Monastery of San Nicolò in Lido-Venezia, will feature some of the leading experts on the Convention, including academics affiliated with universities within the network of the Global Campus regional master’s programmes. It will be attended by students from all of the regional master’s programmes and will consist of lectures, panel discussions and breakout sessions where participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm on overcoming obstacles to ratification of the UN Migrant Workers Convention. The Convention is one of the ten core international human rights instruments, but since it was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1990 it has been ratified by just 47 States.

Further information about the event is available here.

PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival

Call for Video Entries
PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations ( UNAOC) and International Organization for Migration ( IOM) invite youth to submit original and creative videos focusing on Migration, Diversity and Social inclusion by 27 June 2014 for consideration in the 2014 PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival.

Recognizing youth as powerful agents of social change in a world often characterized by intolerance, and cultural and religious divisions, PLURAL+ invites youth to address key challenges and opportunities related to social inclusion and cohesion, migrant integration, respect for identity, diversity, and human rights, both at local and global levels. Young people up to 25 years old are invited to submit short videos of five minutes maximum in length.

PLURAL+ supports young people’s expression of their opinions by providing them with a variety of media platforms and distribution networks, including broadcasts, video festivals, conferences and events around the world. PLURAL+ not only provides young people with an effective platform to express themselves on key migration and diversity issues, but also reinforces the firm belief of IOM and UNAOC that youth are powerful and creative agents of social change.

A prestigious international jury will select three winners in each age category (9-12, 13-17, 18-25). International Jury winners will be invited to New York, all travel expenses paid, to present their work at the PLURAL + 2014 Awards Ceremony at the Paley Center for Media in December 2014.

PLURAL+ partner organizations will also award other prizes and professional opportunities, such as winning participants presenting their work at film and video festivals, conferences and events around the world.

The PLURAL+ 2014 deadline for video submission is 27 June, 2014. Further information, including guidelines, regulations, awards, and the entry form can be downloaded here and is also available on the PLURAL+ website.

You can watch PLURAL+ 2013 award winning videos here

PLURAL+ is organized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the International Organization for Migration with the collaboration of many international partners.

Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue in Asia (Macau)


Roundtable portrait
Left to right, front row: Croucher, Sandel, Leeds-Hurwitz, L. Chen; middle row: V. Chen, Dawis, Lijadi, P. Lu, Huang, Jiang; back row: Buttny, Corbett, Witteborn, Young

The Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue in Asia was held at the University of Macau on March 28-30, 2014. The organizers were Todd Sandel (Communication, University of Macau), John Corbett (English, University of Macau) and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (Center for Intercultural Dialogue). By design, this was a small event, designed to answer the question of whether, and in what ways, intercultural dialogue might be a useful term for discussing intercultural interactions in Asia. Sessions focused on such topics as what concepts aid in the study of intercultural dialogue, how intercultural competence fits with intercultural dialogue, and what needs to happen next, and various publication outlets. At least one special journal issue will result.

Martin Montgomery (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities) officially welcomed participants on behalf of the University of Macau. Participants included Saskia Witteborn (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Richard Buttny (Syracuse University, currently doing research in Malaysia), Stephen Croucher (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Ling Chen (Hong Kong Baptist University), Jiang Fei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Huang Kuo (International Publishing Group, Beijing),  Aimee Dawis (University of Indonesia), Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and University of Tasmania-Launceston, Australia), Peih-ying (Peggy) Lu (Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan), Melody Lu (Sociology, University of Macau), Priscilla Young (Peking University HSBC Business School, Shenzhen), and Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi (Psychology, University of Macau). Multiple masters and doctoral students in both Communication (Julie Zhong, Fiona Ng, Hazel Wan) and English (Carl, Dai Guangrong and Betty, Liu Suiling) managed some of the logistics, helping international visitors get around the city, picking up lunches, and serving as photographers and videographers. Administrative Staff, Barbara Chin (Communication) and Tina Chao (English) also spent many hours preparing documents and making travel, hotel, and other arrangements.

The highlight of the conference (at least for me) was gaining a sense of intercultural issues across Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and simultaneously across disciplinary, theoretical and methodological boundaries. Since this was a small group, there were lots of opportunities for participants to connect, and at least one journal special issue and several new research collaborations are being planned, as well as a future conference. Most immediately, researcher profiles for more of the roundtable participants already are being posted to this website, and half a dozen have committed to writing Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, to be posted over the next few weeks and months.

A short highlights video was prepared and is readily available. In addition, Aimee Dawis sent in a photo of coverage about the Roundtable in the International Daily News, a Chinese newspaper with the highest circulation in Indonesia:

International Daily News

Thanks to Aimee for arranging for this article, and to the University of Macau for being such a wonderful host institution for this event.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director
Center for Intercultural Dialogue



Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication

PARGC 2014 Symposium
The Revolutionary Public Sphere: Contention, Communication and Culture in the Arab Uprisings

The Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication is proud to present the Inaugural PARGC Symposium:
The Revolutionary Public Sphere: Contention, Communication and Culture in the Arab Uprisings
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

The popular rebellions that have swept Arab countries since December 2010 have spawned an active field of insurrectionary cultural production. Scholars from around the world will gather at the Annenberg School for PARGC’s inaugural symposium. Putting primary sources in dialogue with theory, we seek to understand aesthetic experimentation and stylistic innovation in this revolutionary public sphere. Together, we will strive to shed light on the ways in which various revolutionary and counter-revolutionary activists and regimes have attracted, upheld, and directed popular attention to themselves and to their opponents. Our exploration of contention, communication and culture in the Arab uprisings will yield conceptual tools to understand revolutionary public spheres at large.

Speakers & Topics:
Yakein Abdelmagid (Duke University): Independent music production in Cairo
Omar Al-Ghazzi (University of Pennsylvania): The symbol of Omar al-Mukhtar in the Libyan uprising
Anahi Alviso-Marino (Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): Contentious politics and street art in Yemen
Walter Armbrust (University of Oxford): Egypt’s June 30th rebellion as social drama
Donatella Della Ratta (University of Pennsylvania): Syrian internet memes and the politics of cultural (re)production
Tarek El-Ariss (University of Texas, Austin): Literary writing and violence in the Arab Spring
Nouri Gana (University of California, Los Angeles): Rap music in the Tunisian revolution
Nour Halabi (University of Pennsylvania): Hezbollah logos and carnivalesque humor in revolutionary times
Adel Iskandar (Georgetown University): The politics of memes in revolutionary Egypt
Marc Owen Jones (University of Durham): Satire and social media in the Bahrain uprising
Amal Khalaf (Serpentine Galleries): The Pearl Roundabout and public space in Bahrain
Shayna Silverstein (University of Pennsylvania): Syrian revolutionary music and the politics of memory
Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen (University of Copenhagen): Revolutionary and Islamic content in Ramadan musalsalat (long TV drama)
Leila Tayeb (Northwestern University): Utopian impulses in Libyan revolutionary performances
Edward Ziter (New York University): The anecdotal in Syrian oppositional theatre

Marina Krikorian
Project Coordinator
Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication
The Annenberg School for Communication
University of Pennsylvania

Int’l Youth Media Summit 2014

Job adsInternational Youth Media Summit
July 14-27, 2014

The teen delegates will:
*Explore the 7 Summit Issues with dynamic leaders who are making a difference in non-profits and NGO’s around the world.
*Train with Professionals in the Hollywood Filmmaking Industry.
*Create powerful public service announcements inspired by the 7 Summit Issues.
*Develop individual resolutions of action to present to the United Nations and to their own governments.
*Create study guides to accompany completed PSA’s for use in their home countries by teachers, workshop leaders, and themselves.
*Learn to work with a variety of people from many diverse cultures, religions, and economic and social backgrounds.
*Learn how to organize international teen media exchange projects and find partners from other countries
*View film projects created by delegates and Summit partners.
*Visit Southern California cultural landmarks.
*Celebrate their vision of  a united world  with art, music, dance and food from other cultures

By the end of the 9th Summit, delegates will be motivated and equipped to shape the future through media and action.

Our Host

The mission of SUA is to foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life. –Daisaku Ikeda, Founder

SUA is founded on the belief that student-centered education is the best way to promote peace and human rights by fostering a global humanistic perspective on the world in which we live.

The culminating event of the 9th IYMS will be a “Celebration of Youth Voices” to be held on Saturday, July 26th,  in the University’s beautiful new  1,000-seat Performing Arts Center.

Click here to apply to be a  delegate to the  2014 Summit!

The International Youth Media Summit (IYMS)  is headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia and is managed by Executive Director Miomir Rajcevic. IYMS is a yearly event which brings together teen filmmakers and teen diplomats from around the world to explore ways to inspire and empower their generation to shape the future through media and action.

Clarifying Conversations: Race and Identity


Responding to ongoing public discussions about race and identity, this panel is an interactive dialogue about how race and identity are represented, articulated, constituted, and enacted in various ways in American culture, from political discussions to popular culture, in the news media and among citizens in everyday conversation.

Richard West’s NCA Presidential Initiative
A Public Program of the National Communication Association
Held at Emerson College

Important questions to be addressed include:
* How do we talk about race and identity?
* What are the consequences and effects of how we communicate about race and identity?
* How do our interactions about race and identity include and embrace, exclude and oppress?
* How can we clarify, through conversation, our public understanding and enactment of race and identity in the American context?

Thursday, March 20, 2014
7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
216 Tremont Street, First Floor
Emerson College, Boston, MA 02116

HARVEY YOUNG, Department of Theatre at Northwestern University
An award-winning author and an internationally recognized authority on African-American culture and performing arts, Professor Young is the author of Embodying Black Experience and Theatre & Race, and co-editor of Performance in the Borderlands and Reimagining A Raisin in the Sun: Four New Plays.


ANNE DEMO, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University
Professor Demo’s work explores the relationships between visual/digital rhetoric and U.S. cultural politics. She is the co-editor of Rhetoric, Remembrance, and Visual Form: Sighting Memory.

KIMBERLY McLARIN, Department of Writing, Literature & Publishing at Emerson College
Appearing regularly on the Emmy Award-winning show Basic Black, Boston’s long-running television program devoted to African-American themes, Professor McLarin is the author of four books, including Jump at the Sun, which was chosen as a 2007 Fiction Honor Book by both the Massachusetts Center for the Book and the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. Her new memoir, Divorce Dog, was published last year.

TOM NAKAYAMA, Department of Communication Studies at Northeastern University
Professor Nakayama studies intercultural communication and whiteness. A former editor of the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, he is a co-editor of the Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication.

JEFF SCHAFFER, Executive Producer, The League
Mr. Schaffer is a producer, writer, and director for television and film. His writing credits include episodes of the television programs Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm and the films Bruno and The Dictator. He is also the creator, writer, and director of The League and writer and director of the 2004 film EuroTrip.

ANGHARAD N. VALDIVIA, Media and Cinema Studies at the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
In examinations of media studies and contemporary mainstream popular culture, Professor Valdivia combines the areas of gender studies with ethnic studies and transnational studies. She is the managing editor of the International Encyclopedia of Media Studies.


UN Do one thing for diversity campaign

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) in partnership with UNESCO and various other partners from corporations to civil society is launching the world campaign “Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion”, aimed at engaging people around the world to Do One Thing to support Cultural Diversity and Inclusion.

Following the adoption in 2001 of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity the UN General Assembly declared May 21 as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

This Day raises awareness on the richness of world cultures and the opportunities that cultural diversity can bring to societies.

Why does diversity matter? How to participate?

Three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension.

Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development.

The 2012 campaign, by encouraging people and organizations from around the world to take concrete action to support diversity, aims:
*To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.
*To build a world community of individuals committed to support diversity with real and every day-life gestures.
*To combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures.

Every one of us can do ONE thing for diversity and inclusion; even one very little thing can become a global action if we all take part in it.

Simple things YOU can do to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21, 2012.
*Visit an art exhibit/museum that reflects diverse cultures.
*Rent a movie or read a book from another country than your own.
*Learn another language
*Invite a family or friends in the neighborhood from another culture to have lunch/diner with you and share a traditional dish.
*Explore music of a different culture
*Invite people from a different culture to share your customs
*Spread your own culture around the world through our Facebook page and learn about other cultures
*Learn about traditional celebrations from other cultures; learn more about Hanukkah or Ramadan or about amazing celebrations of New Year’s Eve in Spain or Qingming festival in China.
*Play the “stereotypes game.” Stick a post-it on your forehead with the name of a country. Ask people to tell you stereotypes associated with people from that country. You win if you find out where you are from.

There are thousands of things that you can do, are you taking part in it?

How to join the 2012 campaign?
*”Like” us on Facebook….and start a discussion on our “wall” and get surprised with posts and videos (
*Tell others about this day.
*Take part in the photo and slogan contests
*Organize an event or put your event under the umbrella of the Campaign

Theatre as tool in ICD


Theatre as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue
20-26 September 2011  Iİzmir, Turkey

This project will bring young people from diverse European backgrounds together to participate in an activity using Theatre Tools for Intercultural Dialogue. The primary focus of the Training will be analysing the topical subject of diversity and all its related issues. Activities will include working in groups and having a practical experience at international level.  At the end of course we will prepare a show to perform for public. Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Uk, Poland, Romania are our partner counties.  21 Participants will attend this project. We have 4 trainers from İtaly, Spain, UK and Turkey. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. Turkish National Agency is general coordinator and supporter of  this projects.

– to raise debates and confrontations about the subject matter
– to introduce working methods using different experiences
– to know organisations from other European countries
– to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between people from different cultures
– to develop innovative activities at local level

Date and Venue:  Our training is in Izmir. It is the 3th biggest city in Turkey. We will stay at a Deniz Atı holiday village on seaside of Eagen Sea.  Participants will be at hotel before 15.00  20 September  2011 . Participants will leave the hotel on 26 September 2011 after breakfast.

This project is organized by Youth for Art and INCA (International Network for Culture and  Art).

For further information, see original post.

European Intercultural Forum

The European Intercultural Forum e.V., a NGO based in Berlin, operating in the fields of youth participation, European Citizenship, conflict management and intercultural learning is looking for new partners in the fields of the Action 2 of the Youth in Action Programme: European Voluntary Service.

We are registered as a sending organisation under reference 2010-DE-31 on the EVS database and are looking for EVS hosting placements in various countries for motivated young volunteers from Germany (including fewer opportunities profiles).
Please contact us in case you would like to host volunteers from Berlin on short-term and/or long-term EVS projects and discuss possible partnerships.

EVS coordinator: Tiphaine Coulardeau
European Intercultural Forum e.V.
Prenzlauer Allee 176, Berlin

European Intercultural Forum e.V.
Address | Prenzlauer Allee 176, 10409 Berlin – Germany
Mail | eif.germany@…
Website |

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