Center brochure now available!

Thanks to Nazan Haydari, member of the Center’s advisory board, and graphics designers Ebru Özbakır (Isık University) and Özer Karakuş (Maltepe University), both in Istanbul, Turkey, we now have a beautiful brochure for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue.

Center brochure - front

Center brochure - back

For a version that is small enough to easily download, click CIDbrochure.

Technical notes

Technical notes

All of the pages on this site are being updated regularly. Note that in a blog (one type of website; this site is a blog), a “page” is distinguished from a “post.” This means updates to pages or comments do not show in the “archives” (see top menu), which only tracks “posts.”

On this site at this time, the main content is put onto “pages” organized by content (see list at right). Short-term notes (such as a particular job announcement or study abroad opportunity) are added as “posts.”

Only the owner of the site (the Center) can contribute either pages or posts. Everyone is able to make “comments” – these can be on any topic. Comments are NOT searchable, so it is important to put them on the relevant page so others will find them!

Categories” and “tags” are designed to help classify content (see lists at right), but are only available for posts, not pages or comments. Posts and pages are equally searchable (see box at top right), so the search function is an alternate method of looking for content related to specific interests.

Get connected and share information

If you are interested in connecting to other scholars of communication behavior, go to Research and researchers and post information about yourself and your specializations in the form of a comment.

Although the primary function of the Center is to connect scholars so that they may conduct collaborative research, such connections often develop slowly over time, as a result of prior meetings. Therefore, this site supports Databases of a wide range of types. If you are organizing an international conference, you are invited to post information on the Conferences page. If you know about a teaching opportunity outside the USA, post it to Teaching. If you are organizing a study abroad course that is open to students outside your own university, post details on the Study Abroad page. You get the idea – explore all of the Databases to see where you can either learn something new, or post information to share with others. Since this site is basically structured as a blog, you can add information to the pages through the comment function.


This is the new site for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue. Wander around the Home, About, History, and Director pages to learn about what it is and how it works. Then go to the Researchers page and post a comment describing your own research so others will know what you do. And return often to either consult the Database pages, or contribute comments to them – when you have a study abroad course to offer or an international conference you want to advertise, for example. On all these pages, anyone can contribute content through making a comment.

If you need something not yet available on the site, post a comment below.