How to “Join” CID

About CIDRecently, more people have been asking how to “join” CID. As there is no membership fee, this turns into a question about how to join the CID community.  More details are provided on the What We Do page, but here’s a brief summary.

To start, learn about the group; read About CIDWho we areWhat we do, skim through the CID missionhistory, and/or read our brochureFAQ, or Wikipedia entry.

Then, see how it can be useful to you, and you to the group. Look over the publications to see if you want to use some of what’s here, or notice a gap where you can contribute something new. If you’re fluent in a language other than English, and want to translate any of the concepts, case studies, or posters, or if you’re able to review translations by others, send an email. Once you contribute something, you have earned a researcher profile on the site, which helps others find out about you. If you’re a student (up to and including doctoral level), submit a video to the CID Video Competition (deadline: May 31, 2018). If you’re faculty, tell your students about the competition.

If this looks like a helpful organization for you, sign up through WordPress directly (either through your own WP site if you have one, or through email – top right of page on a computer screen, bottom on a smart phone) or subscribe using any of the social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. Any of these adds you to the list of people notified when a new post appears; none of them adds you to a listserve (there isn’t one). None of your information is shared with any other organization.


This is the new site for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue. Wander around the Home, About, History, and Director pages to learn about what it is and how it works. Then go to the Researchers page and post a comment describing your own research so others will know what you do. And return often to either consult the Database pages, or contribute comments to them – when you have a study abroad course to offer or an international conference you want to advertise, for example. On all these pages, anyone can contribute content through making a comment.

If you need something not yet available on the site, post a comment below.