CID has a LinkedIn Group

About CIDThe Center for Intercultural Dialogue recently started a LinkedIn group, thanks to the efforts of Minh Cao, Assistant to the Director.

CID LinkedIn group

The purpose of this group is to permit conversations among those who share interests in intercultural dialogue. It is open to conversations among members not only on intercultural dialogue as a narrow focus, but also on a broad range of topics related to international or intercultural communication, dialogue, or international collaborative research more generally. This website is not a convenient place to hold conversations, so the LinkedIn group is designed to fill that gap.

Examples of appropriate topics:
* Asking for help in locating resources on a subject
* Asking for contacts in a particular country
* Questioning how others respond to particular intercultural problems
* Asking opinions about a topic of general interest
* Posting an academic job, so long as it has to do with intercultural or dialogue topics, or if it is outside the US (if it meets the latter requirements but is non-academic, it may still be fine; if you post it and we don’t think it fits, we’ll delete it) – but post jobs under the job tab or they will be moved there

LinkedIn Group Started

About CIDThe Center for Intercultural Dialogue has just started a LinkedIn group to permit more discussion off the website. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, just use “Center for Intercultural Dialogue” as the search term, and you should get to the group.

CID on LInkedIn

Discussions will be open to any topic relevant to intercultural communication or dialogue generally, as well as intercultural dialogue specifically.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director
Center for Intercultural Dialogue