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ProfilesSara Greco is Senior Assistant Professor of Argumentation at the Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland). Her research interests cover different aspects of the analysis of argumentative interactions, both written and oral.

Sara GrecoIn particular, she has been working on the role of argumentation in conflict resolution, specifically in relation to dispute mediation (Greco Morasso 2011, 2018, 2020) and to social controversies. In her view, argumentative dialogue can be seen as a means to solve disagreement and, thus, as an alternative to conflict.

Sara Greco has also worked on inner conflict and how people make their decisions on the basis of dialogue with themselves. She has been working in particular with the case of how international migrants make their crucial migration decisions (Greco Morasso 2013, Greco 2015). Besides, she has done research on children’s argumentation (Greco et al. 2018).

In her work, Sara Greco has developed theoretical concepts of argumentation theory, in particular framing and reframing, issue, and argument schemes (Rigotti & Greco 2019); she has equally been analysing specific cases of communicative interaction in different contexts, using methods from Discourse Analysis, argumentation and linguistic semantics-pragmatics.

Sara Greco is on and, and on her institutional website.

A selection of her recent publications includes:

Greco, S. (2020). Dal conflitto al dialogo: Un approccio comunicativo alla mediazione. Santarcangelo di Romagna: Maggioli.

Rigotti, E., and Greco, S. (2019). Inference in argumentation: A topics-based approach to argument schemes. Cham: Springer (Argumentation Library).

Greco, S. (2018). Designing dialogue: Argumentation as conflict management in social interaction. Tranel – Travaux Neuchâtelois de Linguistique, 68, 7-15.

Greco, S., Perret-Clermont, A.N., Iannaccone, A., Rocci, A., Convertini, J., & Schär, R. (2018). The analysis of implicit premises within children’s argumentative inferences. Informal Logic, 38(4), 438-470.

Greco Morasso, S. (2015). Argumentation from analogy in migrants’ decisions. Proceedings of the ISSA Conference, Amsterdam, July 2014. Ed. B. Garssen et al.

Bijnen, E., van, & Greco, S. (2018). Divide to unite: Making disagreement explicit in dispute mediation. Journal of Argumentation in Context, 7(3), 285-315.

Greco, S., Schär, R., Pollaroli, C., & Mercuri, C. (2018). Adding a temporal dimension to the analysis of argumentative discourse: Justified reframing as a means of turning a single-issue discussion into a complex argumentative discussion. Discourse Studies, 20(6), 726–742.

Xenitidou, M., & Greco Morasso, S. (2014). Parental discourse and identity management in the talk of indigenous and migrant speakers. Discourse & Society, 25(1), 100-121.

Greco Morasso, S. (2013). Multivoiced decisions. A study of migrants’ inner dialogue and its connection to social argumentation. Pragmatics & Cognition, 21(1), 55-80.

Greco Morasso, S., & Zittoun, T. (2014). The trajectory of food as a symbolic resource for international migrants. Outlines. Critical Practice Studies, 15(1), 28-48.

Greco Morasso, S. (2011). Argumentation in dispute mediation: A reasonable way to handle conflict. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Work for CID:

Sara Greco wrote KC73: Argumentative Dialogue, and translated it into Italian.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

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