Daniel Mateo Ordóñez Profile


Daniel Mateo Ordóñez is a Sociologist from the National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

The research areas in which he is interested are: Interculturality, Intercultural Dialogue, Hermeneutics, Hermeneutical Cultural Analysis, Phenomenology, Discrimination, Social Exclusion, Human Rights, and Culture.

He is an independent translator, investigator and author, as well as a volunteer collaborator with the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Dialogue / Cátedra UNESCO – Diálogo Intercultural at the National University of Colombia, and a member of the “Observatorio de la Exclusión” project associated with the UNESCO Chair.

He is also the creator of the Autarkeia Project, an independent project of dissemination and promotion of knowledge, especially in the area of Human and Social Sciences.

See his profile on academia.edu.

Work for CID:

Daniel Mateo Ordóñez wrote KC101: Antisemitism, and translated KC14: Dialogue, KC16: MigrationKC23: Afrocentricity, KC31: IndigenousKC49: IntersectionalityKC89: Xenophobia, and an essay on intercultural dialogue into Spanish. He also serves as a reviewer for Spanish.

Miguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos Profile

ProfilesMiguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos is a Sociologist at the National University of Colombia. Master’s Student in Human Rights at the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia (UPTC).

Miguel Guerrero RamosMember of Group Research Con Paso Crítico of the UPTC. Author of the novels Observing Reality Through Desire, and Deep Down in the Pupils of Infinite Time, among others. His research interests are: critical theory of biosocial undecidability, human rights, pragmatic sociology, and geopolitics, among others.

His blog: sociologiaandreflexion.blogspot.com.es
Email: maguerreror[at]unal.edu.co.

Work for CID:

Miguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos translated KC28: Postcolonialism and KC72: Intertextuality into Spanish.

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