KAICIID Fellows Programme 2024 (Portugal)


International Fellows Programme, The International Dialogue Center (KAICIID), Lisbon, Portugal. Deadline: 21 May 2023.

The KAICIID International Fellows Programme is an ongoing capacity and professional development Programme that brings together religious leaders, educators, and interreligious dialogue practitioners from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and other religious backgrounds from around the world. The Programme offers training (in-person and online) in dialogue facilitation, intercultural communication and promoting social cohesion to people who advance and integrate their knowledge, skill, and experience within their respective communities. Since 2015, more than 500 individuals from more than 85 countries have participated in the Programme.

In 2024, an International and Latin American Cohorts will be launched. The Latin American cohort will be implemented in partnership with Religions for Peace – Latin America and the Caribbean.

The training modules equip the Fellows with an in-depth understanding of subjects such as Interreligious Dialogue, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding, Gender and IRD, Climate crises and IRD, Combating Hate Speech, and Common citizenship in addition to valuable skills like Project design, Fundraising and Monitoring and Evaluation. As part of their dialogue training, Fellows receive humble funding to implement grassroots interreligious dialogue projects in their own communities. During the training, Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in and organise real-time dialogue sessions, academic lectures, field visits to religious and cultural sites, and thematic conferences.

KAICIID International Fellows 2018 (Austria)

The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is seeking applications from education professionals working in institutions that train future religious leaders to take part in the 2018 KAICIID International Fellows Programme.

Set to commence in January 2018, the International Fellows Programme will develop the abilities of religious educators to promote interreligious dialogue education and practice within their respective institutions.

KAICIID will select twenty Fellows from around the world to participate in the year-long course. Selected Fellows will participate in a series of in-person and online trainings related to interreligious dialogue, coexistence and pluralism. This integrated learning process will provide Fellows with an initial framework to facilitate subsequent trainings and programming within their home institutions. The Fellows will also develop and implement small-scale local and international projects during the course of the programme. There will also be opportunities to organize and attend dialogues, lectures, field visits and conferences.

The Fellows Programme brings together religious teachers from around the world for in-person and online training in dialogue, mediation and promoting social cohesion. The Fellows programme is designed to equip teachers with the skills to educate their students about interreligious dialogue; provide their students with the necessary skills to become active facilitators and leaders in interreligious dialogue; and to train their students in conflict transformation to be active peacemakers in their respective communities.

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2017.


KAICIID Fellows Programme

In 2013, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, in Vienna, Austria, will launch an international fellowship project. The “KAICIID Fellows” will be people who are planning to become religious functionaries and educators. The programme will run 2-4 times a year, where a Jury, chosen from the Centre’s Advisory Forum, will select five “Fellows” among applicants from the five major world religions. Coming from different regions and different faiths, these students will spend one to four months working and studying together in Vienna to deepen their knowledge about each others’ religions and to strengthen their commitment to interreligious dialogue. As potential future leaders within their respective religious communities, it is hoped that they will become multipliers of KAICIID’s mission for interreligious dialogue once they are back home.

During their stay in Vienna, they will have the possibility to work on their own research project, but they will also be given the opportunity to learn about other religions, both within their own group and by visiting university classes.

The “Fellows” will also contribute to and actively participate in KAICIID‘s activities, thus enhancing their interreligious insight, organisational competence and future leadership presence and impact. Instead of a final report, each participant will be asked to write a book chapter about her or his personal interreligious learning at KAICIID.

*Engage students from different faiths, cultures and regions in interreligious dialogue on neutral ground;
*Facilitate a deep, long-lasting dialogue encounter;
*Give future religious leaders the tools, experience, networks and knowledge to pursue interreligious dialogue in their profession;
*Provide KAICIID with young people from different religious backgrounds who will actively participate and contribute to the Centre’s activities and programmes.

KAICIID will also provide a platform for alumni activities for its former “Fellows” to enable them to stay in contact and to reach out to further potential candidates for the programme.

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