Call for Language Editors: History of Comm Bibliography

Professional OpportunitiesCall for Language Editors for the History of Communication Research Bibliography, Annenberg School for Communication Library Archives, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

The History of Communication Research Bibliography, started in 2009, recently surpassed 2,500 articles, chapters, and books on the history of communication, media, and film studies. The bibliography’s DOI is 10.5281/zenodo.4127038. A searchable version of the bibliography is available on the ASCLA site.

The open-source project has, up to now, included only English-language publications. Editors are looking to recruit volunteer editors to curate additions to the bibliography in other languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

If you have an interest in the history of the field, and proficiency in a language with a sizable communication-research literature, please consider indicating your interest by writing to Jefferson Pooley (Professor of Media & Communication, Muhlenberg College, PA). Bibliography editors will look over the expressions of interest, and follow up with invitations to the self-nominated editors. The aim is to move to a model with a single editor for each language, working in close coordination with the other editors to maintain and expand the bibliography.

Study Abroad Dublin

The Media and Communication Department at Muhlenberg College is entering its second year of an exciting, media-focused study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland. A group of 15 to 20 Muhlenberg students majoring in Media or Film Studies travels with a faculty member, living on campus at Dublin City University (DCU). The students take two courses in the DCU School of Communications, a course with the Muhlenberg faculty member, and a guaranteed for-credit, media-related internship. Halfway through the semester, the students take a week-long “study trip” to London, complete with scheduled visits to the BBC, Guardian, Bloomberg, and Historic Royal Palaces. The program was designed for Muhlenberg students, but undergraduates with a background in media and communication are encouraged to email to inquire about joining next spring’s Dublin semester.

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