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The International Journal of Intercultural Relations (IJIR) is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of theory, research and practice in the field of intercultural relations. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: intergroup perceptions, contact, and interactions; multiculturalism; acculturation; intercultural communication; intercultural training; and cultural diversity in education, organizations and society. The journal is indexed multiple data bases, including SSCI, PsycINFO, Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Research Alert ASSIA, and SCOPUS.

After 35 years under the direction of the founding editor, Dan Landis, the journal’s editorship passed to Colleen Ward earlier this year. IJIR now has two Associate Editors: Hee Sun Park and Gabriel Horenczyk and a number of new additions to the editorial board.

We are currently seeking new, innovative, high quality manuscripts- both empirical and review articles- for submission. The current publication lag is short, and we invite contributions that will sustain and enhance the journal’s profile.

Early leaders in ICC

Retrospective International Journal of Intercultural Relations issue on selected early leaders in intercultural communication scheduled for 2012

At the kind invitation of Dan Landis, Executive Editor of the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Steve J. Kulich, Executive Director of the Intercultural Institute at the Shanghai International Studies University, and Michael Prosser are serving as the Guest Editors for a special issue in 2012 for IJIR of selected early leaders in the developing field of intercultural communication. While space is limited, and thus we are only selecting 13 early leaders for this special issue, we hope that later it might be possible to select another dozen first and second generation leaders and scholars for a potential second special issue of IJIR, perhaps in 2013.

This issue will contain scholarly articles about the following early leaders and academic scholars in the development of intercultural communication as a field of study. Introduction: Steve J. Kulich
Molefi Kete Asante, author: Reynaldo Anderson
Nobleza Asuncion-Lande (deceased), author: Dorthy Pennington
Fred L. Casmir author: (to be selected)
John C. Condon, author: Richard Harris
Dean Barnlund (deceased), author: Janet Bennett
D. Ray Heisey (deceased), author: Michael H. Prosser
L. Robert Kohls (deceased), author: to be selected
Robert T. Oliver (deceased), author: Robert Shuter
Charles Osgood (deceased) authors Oliver Tzeng and Dan Landis
Paul Pederson, author: Gary Fontaine
Everett Rogers (deceased), author: Arvind Singhal
K.S. Sitaram (deceased), author: Michael H. Prosser
Edward C. Stewart, authors: Jackie Waskilewski, Holly Kawakama, Jun Ohtake

We are searching for a potential scholarly author (s) who knows well the leadership and academic contributions of Fred L. Casmir and L. Robert Kohls. to the field of intercultural communication. Please contact me, Michael Prosser ( The deadline for submission to me of a 25 page essay, including the latest APA citations and references is September 1, 2011. All proposed articles must meet the rigorous scholarship standards of IJIR.

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