CFP Conference on Comm and Management (Greece)

International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2015)
30 March-1 April 2015
Athens, Greece

The Communication Institute of Greece (COM.IN.G.) organises the International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2015) 30 March-1 April 2015, in Athens, Greece. The conference is under the auspices of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean, Greece and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The aim of this cross-disciplinary conference is to bring together academics, students and researchers from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, encourage them to present their work, exchange and collaborate. Academics can participate by presenting a paper, chairing a session, organising a panel, or even by being an observer.

For more information please visit the conference website or send an email to Dr. Margarita Kefalaki, President of Communication Institute of Greece.

Communication Institute of Greece (COM.IN.G.) was established as an independent academic association with the mission to become a forum, where academics and researchers – from all over the world – can meet in Athens to exchange ideas on their research and to discuss future developments in their disciplines.

Margarita Kefalaki Profile


Dr. Margarita Kefalaki is the founder and current President of Communication Institute of Greece (COMING).

Margarita Kefalaki

She holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Communication and a Master degree in Communication from Pascal Paoli University in Corsica (France). Additionally she holds a Bachelor degree in cultural communication and organization of events from Vauban University in Nimes (Montpellier III).

Her research focuses on intercultural communication, particularly the role of music and dance to connect people and nations. Margarita is also interested in communication and its connection with media, tourism, marketing and management. Margarita has taught in several universities in Greece and France, and has published widely in academic and policy journals such Journal of ‘Business and Management Research’ and the ‘International Small Business Journal’.  Moreover, she has successfully led several intercultural projects inclluding the creation of a musical disc in three languages (Action3 of the European Program for young People of INJEP).  Margarita believes that we can better communicate through intercultural comprehension, communication, exchange and education Academics can contribute to this exchange process. This is what she is trying to achieve with the establishment of the Communication Institute of Greece and the organization of International Academic Conferences.

Work for CID:

Margarita Kefalaki wrote a guest post, Intercultural Dialogue via Organizing International Academic Conferences. She also translated KC1: Intercultural Dialogue into Greek, and has reviewed translations into Greek.

Conf on ICTs in Education Greece 2014

International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE)
Kos, Greece-July 3rd-July 5th

This call is for papers, workshops and poster sessions examining the theoretical and practical applications of technology in education at all levels in both the public and private sectors.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, please submit your proposal online. All proposals are peer reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.

Proposals must be submitted by February 21, 2014. Notification on whether the proposal has been accepted will be sent by February 28, 2014.

Completed manuscripts must be submitted by March 28, 2014 and will also be double-blind peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Comments will be forwarded to the authors, and final manuscripts, with editorial changes, must be received by April 30, 2014. Papers presented at the conference will be published in the proceedings under the title Information Communication Technologies in Education. Papers received after the deadline will not be included in the proceedings.

Papers must not exceed 10 pages (including abstract, references, tables, figures and diagrams). Papers exceeding the stated limits will be returned to the authors for revision. Please consult the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines at the conference web site before submitting the final version of your paper.

All presented papers will be considered for the ICICTE 2014 selected papers issues of Campus-Wide Information Systems and the Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education.

Summer in Greece with Villanova

Undergraduates are invited to apply for the 5-week “Rhetoric and Performance in Ancient Greece” summer program sponsored by the Department of Communication at Villanova University.

The communication discipline has its origins in the study of the spoken word and its power to move and persuade. Greece is the site of much of the history of the spoken word, from epic storytelling, to oratory, to drama and lyric poetry, to the messages of the oracles. This five-week, 6 – credit summer program allows Communication majors and minors and honors students to gain important insights into the roots of the discipline and make contemporary applications through hands-on experience in Greece. Students can gain additional intercultural insights by observing and participating in a contemporary culture that continues to surround itself with, and to be influenced by, its ancient history.

6 credits; 2 professors; 20 students! Classes are held at key archaeological sites across the mainland and islands. This program brings to life the roots of the Communication discipline in its place of origin and engages students in critical aspects of contemporary culture. The 2014 program consists of two interdependent courses that will engage students in understanding connections between the ancient and contemporary Greek worlds: Performance of Greek Literature focuses on ancient Greek theatre as a way to understand rhetorical constructions of myth; and Performing Place, Space, and Public Memory focuses on tourism and places of public memory as rhetorical and performative sites. Course instruction takes place primarily in outdoor, nontraditional spaces, and as much as possible on or near specific ancient sites. The students’ primary work—analysis and performance of significant rhetorical, dramatic, and myth texts—needs to be grounded in the specifically historical, social, and cultural contexts, and much of this is gleaned from the physical space. Thus, travel to these sites is an integral part of the academic program.

Open to Communication majors and minors and all Honors majors at Villanova University as well as Communication majors and minors from other universities. Special permission may be granted for students who are not COM majors or minors or in honors but who can demonstrate coursework that provides a comparable background and preparation for this program of study.

Program dates: 19 May-26 June 2014

Early action application deadline Dec. 15th.  For more information, please contact Dr. Heidi Rose.


Global Dialogue prize 2013 awarded

The Global Dialogue Prize, introduced in 2009 as one of the world’s most significant awards for intercultural dialogue and value research, will be awarded at the opening day for the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy in Athens, August 4, 2013. The Award Committee of the Global Dialogue Prize has decided to bestow this year’s award on the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, in particular recognition of the Council’s longstanding efforts in addressing sensitive issues of cultural heritage and contemporary change. Over the course of four decades the Council has grown to become the currently largest network for intercultural value research, with over 400 associated members from 65 countries. Since 1998, the Council has produced over 150 academic events and published 300 volumes of scholarly monographs and anthologies on values from a cross-culturally comparative or intercultural perspective.

The Council’s President Professor George F. McLean and its Executive Director, Dr Hu Yeping, who have built and directed the Council throughout four decades, will accept the award on behalf of the organization. For details see here. Read the statement of the award committee here.

The glass sculpture symbolizing the prize was designed by artist Silvana Nannini

CFP Athens conference

12th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media
12-15 May 2014, Athens, Greece
Call for Papers and Participation

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) organizes its 12th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, 12-15 May 2014, Athens, Greece.

The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars and students of Communications, Mass Media and other related disciplines. You may participate as panel organizer, presenter of one paper, chair of a session or observer. Past conferences drew participants from five continents and more than 50 countries, presenting papers on diverse topics such as political communication, EU enlargement, Website design, cross-media ownership, war correspondence, cultural studies, film, public relations, telecommunication policy, advertising, agenda setting, juvenile audience preferences, and cross-national communication, among others. For programs of previous conferences and other information, please visit the conference website.

The registration fee is €300 (euro), covering access to all sessions, two lunches, coffee breaks and conference material. Special arrangements will be made with a local luxury hotel for a limited number of rooms at a special conference rate. In addition, a number of social events will be organized: A Greek night of entertainment with dinner, a special one-day cruise in the Greek islands, an archaeological tour of Athens and a one-day visit to Delphi.

Please submit an abstract (email only) to: atiner AT, using the abstract submission form by 14 October 2013 to: Yorgo Pasadeos, Professor of the U of Alabama and Head of the Mass Media & Communication Research Unit, Athens Institute for Education and Research, ATINER. Abstracts should include the following: Title of Paper, Full Name (s), Affiliation, Current Position, an email address, and at least 3 keywords that best describe the subject of your submission. Decisions are reached within 4 weeks.

If you want to participate without presenting a paper, i.e. organize a panel (session, mini conference), chair a session, review papers to be included in the conference proceedings or books, contribute to the editing of a book, or any other contribution, please send an email  to Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER.

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) was established in 1995 as an independent academic association with the mission to become a forum, where academics and researchers – from all over the world – could meet in Athens to exchange ideas on their research and to discuss future developments in their disciplines. Since 1995, ATINER has organized more than 250 international conferences, symposiums and events. It has also published approximately 150 books. Academically, the Institute consists of five Research Divisions and twenty-three Research Units. Each Research Unit organizes an annual conference and undertakes various small and large research projects. Academics and researchers are more than welcome to become members and contribute to ATINER’s objectives. The members of the Institute can undertake a number of academic activities. If you want to become a member, please download the membership form. For more information or suggestions, please send an email.

Study abroad Greece 2013

5 weeks: May 19th to June 26th 2013

The Department of Communication at Villanova University announces its 2013 Summer Study Abroad in Greece program–and invites applications from undergraduate students across the United States. Admission is competitive; early action deadline for application is December 15, 2012. Interested students should contact the 2013 Program Director, Dr. Billie Murray (billie.murray AT, as soon as possible.

This unique five-week, 6-credit summer program is specially designed to give Communication students important insights into the origin of the discipline and its relevance to contemporary public discourse. The program travels throughout Greece–including stops in Athens, Delphi, and Tolo as well as the Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete–as it focuses on the history of the spoken word–and its relation to epic storytelling, oratory, drama, and the life of the polis.

The program consists of two team-taught courses, one focusing on ancient Greek rhetoric and democracy (taught by Dr. Billie Murray, Villanova University), and the other on the rhetorical function of myth (taught by Dr. Bryan Crable, Villanova University). The courses take place on ancient archaeological sites and on hotel grounds (including, often, the beach). The size of the program is also ideal, since two Villanova faculty members are accompanied by no more than 20 students, from universities across the country. This creates a unique learning environment, one that fosters a close intellectual and personal bond between students and faculty.

Scheduled site visits include the Athenian Acropolis, Agora, and Pnyx, Delphi,’s Temples of Apollo and Athena, Ancient Corinth, the Palace of Knossos on Crete, the sacred island of Delos, Agamemnon’s palace at Mycenae, and Epidaurus.  The program is housed in 3- and 4-star hotels throughout the duration of the trip, and program costs include tuition for 6 Villanova credits in COM, all land fees, all breakfasts, all site admissions, and in-country transportation via bus and ferry.

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