Shirley Saenz Researcher Profile

Researcher ProfilesShirley Saenz is a cross-cultural trainer and business partner at ICEBERG Cultural Intelligence, the leading intercultural consulting firm in Latin America, and president of SIETAR Argentina.

Shirley Saenz

She has been actively working in the cross-cultural field training and counseling global teams, international business managers and professionals with international exposure in several industries. During the last years, Shirley has been living and working overseas throughout Colombia, France, China, Brazil, Argentina and the United States, which allowed her to gain a deep understanding of these cultures. Shirley’s primary research interests have been the cultural differences among Latin American countries, the impact of language on culture, and intercultural communication in multicultural and virtual teams.

Cultural intelligence video

Living Institute was established in 2004 to provide cross-cultural training and consultancy services. They’ve posted an absolutely delightful (and quite good, in terms of the research) video on how cultural intelligence can prevent cultural gaffes.

They have several offices in Denmark, and offer intercultural training workshops of various sorts.