MESO 2018 Conference (Argentina)

ConferencesThe Center for the Study of Media and Society in Argentina (MESO), a joint initiative between Northwestern University and Universidad de San Andrés, will host its fourth annual conference at the latter’s campus in Victoria, Buenos Aires, on Friday October 19th, 2018. This fourth annual conference is sponsored by Northwestern’s Center for Global Culture and Communication. Registration for this event is free, and will be open until October 5, 2018.

CFP Media Culture & Society: Argentina & Latin America (Argentina)

ConferencesContemporary Developments on Media, Culture and Society: Argentina and Latin America, October 19, 2018, Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Deadline extended to May 1, 2018.

This will be the fourth annual conference organized by the Center for the Study of Media and Society in Argentina (MESO) on the interactions between media, culture and society. This fourth event is sponsored by the Center for Global Culture and Communication at Northwestern University.

Submissions should contribute to ongoing conversations about media, culture, and society in empirical, theoretical or methodological ways. They might also broaden our knowledge about the relationship between media, culture, and society at the national and regional level. Articles may refer to different aspects of communication, media, and cultural goods and services in the areas of journalism, entertainment -cinema, theater, television, music, etc. – advertising and marketing, public relations, social media, and video games, among others.

CFP Contemporary Developments on Media, Culture and Society: Argentina and Latin America (Argentina)

Contemporary Developments on Media, Culture and Society: Argentina and Latin America

We invite submissions to the conference “Contemporary Developments on Media, Culture and Society: Argentina and Latin America.” The conference, organized by The Center for the Study of Media and Society in Argentina (MESO), will take place on Friday, November 03, 2017, at Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This will be the third annual conference organized by MESO on the interactions between media, culture and society. This third annual conference is sponsored by the Center for Global Culture and Communication at Northwestern University.

Submissions should contribute to ongoing conversations about media, culture, and society in empirical, theoretical or methodological ways. They might also broaden our knowledge about the relationship between media, culture,and society at the national and regional level. Articles may refer to different aspects of communication, media, and cultural goods and services in the areas of journalism, entertainment -cinema, theater, television, music, etc. – advertising and marketing, public relations, social media, and video games, among others.

The deadline for submission is May 15, 2017. Abstracts should be sent by email to . The subject of the mail should be “Last Name, Name – Medios y Sociedad 2017”. A selection committee will evaluate the abstracts and the results will be notified to the authors on July 1, 2017.

CFP Media and Society in Argentina and Latin America (Buenos Aires)

Contemporary Developments on Media and Society in Argentina and Latin America
November 27, 2015
Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Supported by this University and Northwestern University’s School of Communication
Organized byPablo J. Boczkowski andEugenia Mitchelstein

Organizers invite empirical, theoretical, and/or methodological contributions that help to expand knowledge about the interplay between media and society at the national and regional levels. Papers may refer to different types of mediated communication such as journalism; entertainment; advertising and marketing; public relations; social networks; and video games, among others.

Topics covered include the following, among others:
– Transformations in modes of content production.
– Changes in uses of media.
– Innovation and technological change.
– Economics and financing of media.
– The state, government and civil society.
– Regulation and public policy.
– Political communication and electoral campaigns.
– The role of users as content producers.

*Procedural matters*:
– The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 15th, 2015. Please submit the abstracts by email.
– The e-mail subject must be “Last Name, First Name –Media and Society 2015”.
– Abstracts must be sent as an attached file in Word format (.doc, .docx) and the file should be named “Last Name, First Name –Media and Society 2015”.
– Abstracts should not exceed 300 words (excluding the title and references).
– In the same document of the abstract the author/s should include their contact information and a short bio of no more than 75 words.
– A selection committee will review the abstracts and the authors will be notified of the outcome of this process by June 30th, 2015.
– Finalists will be asked to submit their full papers by September 30th, 2015. Paper should not exceed 7,500 words, including references.
– Abstracts and papers must be submitted in Spanish. This will also be the official language of the conference.
– Papers that are part of the conference will be subject to publication in a volume co-edited by Pablo J. Boczkowski and Eugenia Mitchelstein.

For more information, please contact the organizers or visit their website.

CFP Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference (Buenos Aires)

Call for Papers
Twelfth International Conference on Technology and Society
The Technology and Society Conference will be held from 18-19 February 2016 at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We welcome submissions from a variety of disciplines and perspectives and encourage faculty and students to jointly submit proposals, discussing technology and society through one of the following themes:

Conference Themes
Technologies for Human Use
Technologies in Community
Technologies for Learning
Technologies for Common Knowledge

2016 Special Focus: Ideas, Objects, Waste: Critically Approaching The Life Cycle of Technologies in the Age of the Anthropocene
Technologies have life cycles. They begin as ideas reverberating within normative contexts of innovation and progress. These ideas then materialize as objects. This materiality connects the object to epochs of production and the natural world: metals, bio-matter and other natural resources. Finally, as their life cycle comes to a close, these objects become waste. In this final stage, another set of material impacts comes into view: their disposal as waste or our reuse of these objects for similar or different purposes. The increasing speed of this life cycle stimulates a ‘what is to be done?’ reflexivity that pervades the whole cycle. What does pace of this life cycle today reveal about us as individuals, communities or societies?

Parallel to our annual thematic streams, the Special Focus for the 12th Technology Knowledge and Society Conference – “Ideas, Objects, Waste: Critically Approaching The Life Cycle of Technologies in the Age of the Anthropocene” – will be to analyze the life cycle of technology in the context of our current ecological condition, in an era that has been coined the age of the Anthropocene. To be precise: how do we use findings of the impacts human action on the environment as an evaluative criterion assessing the ideas, objects and waste of technological developments? In turn, how can such questioning shape our understanding of the social impact of technologies, and the ideals of human needs and community interests manifest in the developmental direction and objects of technologies?

Proposal Submissions and Deadlines
The current review period closing date for the latest round of submissions to the Call for Papers (a title and short abstract) is 18 March 2015*. Please visit the conference website for more information on submitting your proposal, future deadlines, and registering for the conference.

If you are unable to attend the conference, you may still join the community and submit your article for peer review and possible publication, upload an online presentation, and enjoy subscriber access to The Technology Collection of Journals.

*Proposals are reviewed in rounds adhering to monthly deadlines. Check the website often to see the current review round.

Poetry Contest: Roads and Bridges for Peace

“Roads and Bridges for Peace”
Following the International Day of Peace 2014

Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.” — Preamble of UNESCO’s Constitution(1945)

1. Objective: Despite the historical disappointments and conflicts are still around, a peaceful world remains as an inalienable imperative, an inescapable moral duty, a possible goal, and a task to perform. Culture, especially literature, can contribute to this based on universal values, and transcending frontiers, traditions, ideologies, and religions. We expect this wish, this special and universal yearn in the hearts of peoples and cultures, can be captured in the writings of the 6th International Poetry Contest of the UPF Argentina, this year under the title “Roads and Bridges for Peace.” The International Day of Peace 2014, established by the UN (Resolution 36/67), joins this event to “commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace in each nation and each people, and among them.

2. Formalities: The 6th International Poetry Contest “Roads and Bridges for Peace” is open to writers, poets, students, and every person who feels inspired to express a content of universal value about this topic. Each participant can submit one poem in Spanish, and it must be written in it: author’s name and surname, city, province/state, and country. There should also be a telephone number and an email so as to report the Jury’s evaluation, the winning poems, and other details. The format will be a written poem in verse, which should not exceed one A4 page, letter N° 12. The poem can be sent by email or by post to: Av. Rivadavia 755 – 3° Piso “F” (C1002AAF) – Buenos Aires – Argentina.

3. Launching of the Contest: June 1st, 2014.

4. Last day of receipt: Thursday, July 31, 2014. Meeting of the Jury: from August 12 to 22, 2014.

5. Jury: Consists of Prof. Bertha Bilbao Richter, literary critic, member of the Hispanic Cultural and Literary Institute (ILCH) and the Argentinian Society of Writers (SADE); Ms. Liria Guedes, writer and Honor Band of the SADE, member of the American Association of Poetry and the ILCH; writer Mabel Fontau, Honor Band of SADE, member of the ILCH and Gente de Letras; poet Donato Perrone, from the Ateneo Poético Argentino “Alfonsina Storni”, Coordinator of the Lyric Space from Café Tortoni, and representative of the Group of Poets Livres de Santa Catarina (Brazil); and a local representative of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF); all of them being Ambassadors for Peace of the UPF. The Jury’s decision is final and it has the right to solve any problem which is not covered by these Bases.

6. Godmothers: The writer and poet Juana Alcira Arancibia, founder and president of the Hispanic Cultural and Literary Institute (ILCH) and director-editor of the prestigious international literary magazine “Alba de América”; the Brazilian poet Marina Fagundes Coello, bilingual writer (Portuguese–Spanish), member of the ILCH, and member of different literary circles of outstanding trajectory in America; and the writer and poet Nélida Pessagno, vice-president of the SADE and Main Counselor of the “El Libro” Foundation.

7. Awards: The winning poem will be read by the author, or by someone they choose, at the Award Ceremony. They will also receive the Certificate of Recognition and the poem will be spread nationally and internationally. It will be also given four Honorable Mentions, five Special Mentions, and two Mentions with its certificates. Each person who receives one of these distinctions will also receive presents, and their poems will be included in the next book edition, as a way of promoting the values of a culture of peace.

8. Award Ceremony: The delivery of awards will take place in the Celebration of the International Day of Peace, in an artistic, cultural, and interreligious event that organizes the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Argentina according to the UN date (Resolución 36/67), on Monday, September 22, 2014, and whose details will be reported opportunely.

9. Organization: the UPF Argentina, whose mottos worldwide are: “The hope of all times is a unified world of peace” and “A global family centered on God”, organizes this 6th International Poetry Contest, sponsored by the International Educative Foundation (FEI).

Joining this Contest implies accepting these Bases.

UPF Argentina: Av. Rivadavia 755 – 3° Floor “F” (C1002AAF) – Buenos Aires – Tel/Fax: (+54-11) 4343-3005

Shirley Saenz Researcher Profile

Shirley SaenzShirley Saenz is a cross-cultural trainer and business partner at ICEBERG Cultural Intelligence, the leading intercultural consulting firm in Latin America, and president of SIETAR Argentina. She has been actively working in the cross-cultural field training and counseling global teams, international business managers and professionals with international exposure in several industries. During the last years, Shirley has been living and working overseas throughout Colombia, France, China, Brazil, Argentina and the United States, which allowed her to gain a deep understanding of these cultures. Shirley’s primary research interests have been the cultural differences among Latin American countries, the impact of language on culture, and intercultural communication in multicultural and virtual teams.