KAIICD: Consultancy on Countering Hate Speech in Europe (Austria)

“JobConsultancy for Research on Countering Hate Speech Initiatives in Europe, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue(KAICIID), Vienna, Austria. Deadline: May 4, 2021.

KAICIID’s Europe Region Programme started in 2021 a Social Cohesion Initiative, which includes a pillar on Countering Hate Speech (CHS). This CHS project acknowledges that hate speech is becoming an increasingly serious problem in Europe with serious consequences for well-being, intergroup trust, integration and democracy. It also focusses on the important role which religious leaders continue to play in creating and implementing the initiatives and frameworks which stop hate speech and promote respectful dialogue, outreach, trust and community resilience. The project’s aim will be to draw upon the existing expertise and resources available, as well as the needs and priorities of religious leaders, and create training materials which will empower religious leaders to counter hate speech even better.

A crucial part of this process is mapping and analysing the many existing initiatives to counter hate speech, with an emphasis on those which engage religious leaders, which are currently taking place in Europe at national to international level. The point is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of initiatives in this field from the perspective of the organizations and of the religious leaders who both implement some of them and observe the results, and to identify the most pressing calls and recommendations for future action. This research will inform KAICIID’s outreach to potential partners and ensure the relevance of its programmatic work.

The Consultant will carry out desk research in order to create an analytical report on the status of countering hate speech initiatives in Europe. It will map and discuss the most important initiatives and resources to counter hate speech of the last five years across four regions of Europe (Norther, Eastern, Western and Southern Europe) as well as the nature of their involvement of religion and religious actors. It will consider which initiatives have shaped public policy on this topic and how they have (or have not) managed to do so. It will analyze the initiatives’ successes from the perspectives of their organizations, including a number of religious institutions, and explore the strengths, weaknesses of these initiatives.

Overseas Development Institute Job Ad: Humanitarian Policy (UK)

Senior Research Fellow – Humanitarian Policy Group
Overseas Development Institute, London
Closes: 9th March 2017

ODI aims to inspire and inform policy and practice to reduce poverty by locking together high-quality applied research and practical policy advice. ODI is the UK’s leading independent think tank on international development. Our Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) is one of the world’s leading teams of independent researchers and information professionals working on humanitarian issues. It is dedicated to improving humanitarian policy and practice through a combination of high-quality analysis, dialogue and debate. We are looking for a Senior Research Fellow with world class knowledge of humanitarian policy issues to lead one or more strands of our research and policy development on conflict analysis and humanitarian responses, as set out by HPG’s upcoming Integrated Programme for 2017-2019.

You will join a dynamic team of researchers, policy experts and communications professionals, and will support the Head of HPG in helping to drive a multidisciplinary and innovative research programme through strategy development, fundraising, research, policy engagement and public affairs.

About the job:

  • Research and fundraising work: conducting high-quality, applied research, and seeking external funding for research proposals
  • Policy advice, public affairs and dissemination: represent ideas, knowledge and research findings to relevant policy makers and practitioners
  • Project management: implementation and management of research, advisory and public affairs projects, including staff and other team members

You will have:

  • Extensive experience in conflict analysis and deep knowledge of key issues and organisations in humanitarian assistance and development
  • Experience in policy-oriented research, demonstrated by an extensive track record of publications and reports;
  • Extensive developing-country experience;
  • Strong analytical skills, a capacity to write clearly, and excellent organisational and oral communication skills
  • A demonstrated capacity for policy advisory or public-affairs work, based on an analytical approach, and an innovative and creative communications ability.
  • An ability to translate research ideas into fundable projects
  • A demonstrated ability to work as part of a team