ActionAid: Global Advocacy and Grant Coordinator, Anti Racist Public Education (S Africa, UK, Kenya or Brazil)


Global Advocacy and Grant Coordinator, Anti Racist Public Education, ActionAid, to be based in Johannesburg, London, Nairobi or Rio de Janeiro. Deadline: 3 November 2022.

This role will support the development of ambitious progress on anti-racist public education globally, working in close dialogue with a transformative programme in Brazil. You will lead global advocacy on anti-racist public education, connecting with and drawing learning from around the world to influence global policies and practices. This will include engaging with UN Special Rapporteurs, with UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report, and with processes to influence the post-2030 SDG agenda to make issues around racial equity in education a global priority. You will work in close partnership with the School of Education at the University of Bristol who are developing a database of anti-racist education initiatives and a roadmap for transformation. You will also connect closely with wider movements such as the Global Campaign for Education, Education International and the Global Student Forum.

Most importantly you will be connecting with the hugely ambitious transformative work of the SETA project in Brazil, which is working with black, indigenous and quilombo movements, together with the national education campaign, towards a shared vision of a Brazilian public education system built on the principles of racial and social justice where every young person can access their right to quality education. The team in Brazil aims to transform the public education ecosystem in Brazil and to institutionalise a racial equity approach in policy and practice, influencing wider societal attitudes, transforming data and monitoring, shifting government policies and practices, training managers and teachers and mobilising youth and students.

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