NCA Microgrants distributed

Micro Grants for Intercultural Dialogue

Earlier this year, the National Communication Association allocated funds to be distributed as micro grants for intercultural dialogue through the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, and the competition occurred throughout the fall of 2012. Far more applications were submitted than could be funded, thus demonstrating demand for this sort of grant, and interest in international travel for research purposes. All proposals went through a process of peer review, and the results are now completed. Grants will be awarded to:

Sarah Bishop
Renee Cowan
Louisa Edgerly
Andrew Spieldenner
Santoi Wagner

Follow their names to see descriptions of their projects, and learn the wide range of countries to which they will now travel and topics they will investigate.

As each project is completed, a final report describing how these scholars made contact with their local hosts, and what they did as a result of their travel, will be provided.

My thanks to all of the applicants. Hopefully that those who we are unable to fund still will be able to take their trips and conduct their research. Further grant possibilities from other sources are listed under grants. In addition, NCA provides several types of information for grant seekers, including additional funding opportunities as well as help with the process.

Thanks to members of the Advisory Board who reviewed proposals on the Center’s behalf: Donal Carbaugh (USA), Janice Hume (USA), Nazan Haydari (Turkey), and Leena Louhiala-Salminen (Finland) for their time and effort in this important effort. Thanks also NCA for providing the funding to support these important projects. This entire process will serve as a valuable pilot for future grants the Center will be pursuing, in order to fund additional projects by other Communication scholars. As further grants are obtained, they will be listed on the Center’s site.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director
Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Grant $ for international travel

Micro Grants for Intercultural Dialogue

The National Communication Association allocated $5000 to be distributed as micro grants for intercultural dialogue through the Center for Intercultural Dialogue.

These micro grants are intended to support either or both of the two types of activities described in the mission of the Center: study of intercultural dialogues by Communication scholars, and/or participation in intercultural dialogue through academic interactions between Communication scholars based in different countries, or different linguistic and cultural regions. These grants are sufficient to provide seed funding only: no more than $1000 maximum can be awarded to any one individual. The goal is to encourage international, intercultural, interlingual collaborative research by giving enough funding to offset the cost of airfare only, while providing opportunity (and cause) for matching grants from universities.

If you already have lots of international connections, this grant is not for you – obviously you don’t need it. But if you are at a small college, or if you are a new scholar, and have not yet established significant international connections related to research, you are the intended audience for this competition. If you have been reading publications by an international scholar on a topic of potential relevance to your own research, consider a short trip to discuss ways to collaborate on a future project. If you do not know who has been doing relevant work, check the sources you’ve been reading lately, ask your colleagues, and/or think about who you know from graduate school or who you met (or heard present) recently at a conference. Find someone with similar interests who takes a different stance by virtue of being based in a different cultural context.

The intention is to support the development of new intercultural, professional connections. Thus continuing collaborations are ineligible. Those based in the US are expected to propose travel outside the country. International scholars currently living outside their country of origin are asked to establish a new affiliation in a different region rather than proposing a return to their homeland. We recognize that much interesting work can be done within a country between cultural groups, however this grant program focuses on connecting researchers who are not yet connected, across cultural regions that are typically disconnected. This rationale of cross-cultural connection must be explicit in the project description.

Applicants will need to describe their project, provide a brief resume, a short note from their department chair documenting their current status, and one from the host scholar expressing interest in holding conversations related to research. The initial deadline for review of proposals is November 15, 2012. If funds remain after the initial set of grants are awarded, March 15, 2013 will be the second deadline.

CID Grant Application NCA2012

December 18, 2012 UPDATE: The micro grants for intercultural dialogue have now been awarded, and all funding is being distributed as a result of the first round of applications, so there will not be a second round. See here for the results.

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