U of Michigan: Anti-Racist Digital Urban Humanities (USA)

“JobProfessor of Anti-Racist Digital Urban Humanities, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. Deadline: 15 November 2022.

The University of Michigan Digital Studies Institute and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning invite applications for a joint (50/50) open rank tenure-track appointment from colleagues conducting leading-edge creative practice and research in anti-racist design and digital culture to begin August 28, 2023. This position is part of a Provost’s Anti-Racist Hiring Initiative led by Taubman College in collaboration with the Department of African and African American Studies and the Digital Studies Initiative and will benefit from a well-established and university-supported anti-racism research infrastructure. Focus areas might include: Digital space, place, and racial identity, i.e. “thick mapping”; carceral digital studies, space, power, and racialized populations; digital storytelling that centers anti-racist approaches to urban space; urban design research, big data, critical speculative approaches, racial inclusion; critical digital studies, spatial justice, urban community-based racial justice research Intersections between structural racism, digital methodologies, Detroit and other “shrinking” cities.

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