UNESCO: Communications & Outreach Consultant (France)

“JobCommunications and Outreach Consultant, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO, Paris, France. Deadline: 29 April 2021.

UNESCO, in partnership with the Institute for Economics and Peace, is developing an ambitious initiative to strengthen the evidence base on intercultural dialogue as an instrument for sustainable and inclusive peacebuilding. More specifically, work is being undertaken to develop a novel dataset, measuring the enabling environment and impact of intercultural dialogue. The ultimate desired impact of the initiative is to strengthen the effectiveness of intercultural dialogue as an instrument for peacebuilding, enhancing the political and financial commitments to support it (by demonstrating its effectiveness), and offering practical insights to improve operational interventions to support it.

After ongoing work to collect and analyse the data is completed, several key outputs will be produced to present the findings, including: 1) a global report, exploring key trends and insights from the data, along with complementary analysis and reflection; 2) an online ‘barometer’, presenting the data by country and domain, along with associated analysis and methodological clarifications; 3) pilot policy dialogues to mobilise country-level operational responses in response to the insights provided by the data.

To raise awareness of these outputs, encourage engagement with the insights they provide, and build support for onward actions to mobilise them operationally, a comprehensive communications and outreach effort will be made. The Communications and Outreach Consultant will be responsible for these efforts, under the direct supervision of an Associate Programme Specialist in UNESCO’s Inclusion, Rights and Dialogue Section, and under the overall responsibility of the Chief of the Inclusion, Rights and Dialogue Section. The Consultant will work in close cooperation with the various services responsible for communications within UNESCO (including the Sector’s Executive Office and Communications Officer, and the Department for Public Information). The consultant will also liaise closely with the communications team at the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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