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ProfilesLuis Javier Pentón Herrera, Ph.D., serves as a Dissertation Core Faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration at the American College of Education and as adjunct professor of TESOL at The George Washington University and of Spanish at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

Luis Penton

He served as the 38th President of Maryland TESOL in 2018-2019.  In addition, he serves as the Social Responsibility Interest Section (SRIS) Co-Chair elect and as a member of the Affiliate Network Professional Council at TESOL International Association. Dr. Pentón Herrera’s current research projects focus on the language and literacy experiences of adolescent and adult Indigenous students from Latin America in the U.S., on adolescent and adult students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE), and on infusing social and emotional learning (SEL) in language and literacy classrooms.

To learn more about Dr. Pentón Herrera, please visit his website. ORCID ID:

Selected Publications:

Pentón Herrera, L. J., & Trinh, E. T. (Eds.) (2021). Critical storytelling: Multilingual immigrants in the United States. Brill /Sense.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. (2021). Caring as a form of advocacy for literacy-emergent newcomers with special education needs: The community-building pedagogical approach in the U.S. In P. Vinogradova & J. K. Shin (Eds.), Contemporary foundations for teaching English as an additional language: Pedagogical approaches and classroom applications (pp. 265-269). Routledge.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. (2020). Un retrato de Carmen: Orgullosamente kichwa de SaraguroRevista Andina de Educación2(3), 41-49.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. (2020). Social-emotional learning in TESOL: What, why, and howJournal of English Learner Education, 10(1), 1-16.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. & McNair, R. L. (2020). Restorative and community-building practices as social justice for English learnersTESOL Journal. Advance online publication.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. (2019). An Ixil portrait: Exercising resilience amidst inequity, (dis)interest, and self-discoveryDiaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education. Advance online publication.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. (2019). How to behave and why: Exploring moral values and behavior in the ESOL newcomer classroomTESOL Quarterly53(4), 1033-1059.

Pentón Herrera, L. J. (2018). Estudiantes indígenas de América Latina en los Estados Unidos. Informes Del Observatorio/Observatorio Reports. Cervantes Institute at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University.

Work for CID:

Luis Javier Pentón Herrera wrote Constructing Intercultural Dialogues #10: Let’s talk about feelings in the newcomer ESOL classroom!, and KC86: Educación Intercultural Bilingüe (EIB). He also serves as a reviewer for Spanish translations.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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