Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi Researcher Profile

Anastasia LijadiAnastasia Aldelina Lijadi, Ph.D., received a doctorate  in Psychology  from the University of Macau, and was awarded the Atlas.Ti Dissertation Award in 2015 by the International Institute of Qualitative Methods, University of Alberta, Canada. Anastasia received her Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the University of Saint Joseph, Macau. Her research interests include: high mobility populations, Third Culture Kids, and youth perception of social change. She is currently employed as a part-time lecturer at her alma mater and continuing research independently. Email: anastasia_lijadi[at]

Her recent publications include:

Lijadi, A. A. & Van Schalwyk, G. J. (In press). Homesickness and perceived university support of first year undergraduate students: The Macau experience. College Student Journal.

Lijadi, A. A., & Van Schalkwyk, G. J. (2015). Online Facebook focus group for hard to reach participants. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 14 (5). Doi: 10.1177/1609406915621383.

Lijadi, A. A., & Van Schalkwyk, G. J. (2014). Narratives of Third Culture Kids: Commitment and reticence. The Qualitative Report, 19, Article 49, pp. 1-18.

Lijadi, A. A. (2014). Ethnic estrangement and social mobility in Macao: Perspective of youth on intergenerational transfer of ritual and tradition. International Proceeding of Economic Development and Research, 71, 74-78. DOI: 10.7763/IPEDR. 2014. V71. 14.

Lijadi, A.A. (2012). Book reviews: Third Culture Kids. Projections, The Interdisciplinary Graduate Journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macau, 1, 145-150.







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