CFP Globalization: Texts, Performances, Practices

Call for Papers

Globalization: Texts, Performances, Practices
Type: Cross-Disciplinary International Conference
Institution: Department of Communication, Saint Louis University
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Date: 24.–26.4.2014
Deadline: 16.12.2013


The depth and breadth of what we regularly reference as globalization is still expanding. At the same time, in most moments, we as subjects are situated in palpable, immediate, super-organic localities. This and other paradoxes demonstrate that, however much “globalization” has become a widely circulated buzzword, we are still probing what it means for subjects in everyday terms.

Across three days, participants from all over the globe will reflect on the many registers in which the “structuring structures” of globalization play out as the conference assays to unpack “what’s going on.” While the event will be hosted by a Communication department, the organizers welcome cross-disciplinary effort.

Some specific areas of interest to the Organizing Committee include:

Globalization, on Screens Everywhere:
– Media, Technology, and Society
– The Practice of International Journalism
– Digital Journalism
– New Media: New Subjects?
– Film & Television as International Couriers
– International Political Economy of Media

Critical Intercultural Communication:
– Globalization and Subjectivity
– Culture, Identity & Mobility
– Tourism in Practice
– Glocalization and Cultural Heterogeneity
– Fluidity and Hybridity
– Performing Globalization
– Post-Colonial & Diaspora Studies
– New Cartographies

Global Organizations:
– Nations/TransNations
– The Confrontation with Neoliberalism
– The Corporation
– Human Rights & NGOs
– Modes of Protest

To be considered as a presenter, please email the following by 16 December 2013:
(1) Your name and title
(2) Institutional affiliation
(3) A title and abstract of your work (200-400 words)
(4) four “key words”

The conference’s designated language will be English in all its variants.

Keynote Addresses:
– Radha S. Hegde, New York University: “Migrant Bodies and the Politics of Recognition”
– Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths/University of London: “Mediated Public Spheres: The Problem of Politics and Dream of Democracy”

Department of Communication
Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus
Avenida del Valle 34
E-28003 Madrid

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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