Maria Flora Mangano Profile

ProfilesMaria Flora Mangano, Italian scholar of intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, with a background in natural (Ph.D. in Biochemistry) and in social sciences (Ph.D. in Humanistic Intercultural Studies).

Maria Flora ManganoSince 2007, she has been lecturing on Communication of Scientific Research to young scientists drawn from different fields of study within the natural, social and human sciences of some Italian faculties. Since 2008, she has been invited professor of Dialogue among Cultures in an Italian philosophical and theological faculty (“St. Peter’s Philosophical-Theological Institute” of Viterbo). She is interested in dialogue as a space of relationship between, across and beyond cultures and disciplines. Her approach to research and teaching is transcultural and transdisciplinary, and, in this perspective, the space of relationship is mediated by the philosophy of dialogue.

She participated in the National Communication Association Summer Conference on Intercultural Dialogue, and wrote a chapter in a volume resulting from that conference:

Mangano, M.F. (2015). Dialogue, as a common ground between, across and beyond cultures and disciplines – A case study of transcultural and transdisciplinary communication lectures for graduate and undergraduate students. In N. Haydari & P. Holmes (Eds.), Case studies in intercultural dialogue (pp. 73-86). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

as well as a book on the topic:

Mangano, M. F. (2018). Relationship as a space “in between”: A transcultural and transdisciplinary approach mediated by dialogue in academic teaching. Bergamo, Italy: University of Bergamo Press.

Work for CID:

Maria Flora Mangano has written KC81: Dialogue as a Space of Relationship, and translated KC1: intercultural Dialogue, KC14: Dialogue, KC37: Dialogue Listening, and KC81: Dialogue as a Space of Relationship, into Italian. She also has written case studies for Constructing Intercultural Dialogues: #2: Reconciliation, and #9: Dialogue as an Activity of Daily Living, as well as translating #2: Reconciliation into Italian. And she has written three guest posts: Example of dialogue among cultures; A space of relationship among dialogues and cultures; and Space of relationship as a space of distance: A new proximity.