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We are delighted to invite chapter contributions for the forthcoming book Art in diverse settings. We have signed a contract with the global academic publisher Sense and we expect to repeat the successful experience with the publication of our former book Art and intercultural dialogue (Sense, 2016). We plan to publish the manuscript one year from now.

We have secured twelve chapters, which is a very good start, but there is room for more chapters (as we do not discard the possibility of a two volume publication) so we are still in the process of gathering new authors. Our aim is to guarantee the global scope, diversity of views, quality and relevance. You may find below the provisory table of contents (to review in accordance with chapter titles).

We invite submissions for an edited volume concerning the role of art in diverse social settings. Contributions range from theoretical to methodological approaches, thus the chapters in the book can be seen as exemplary case studies, describing concrete intervention projects which use some form of art (photography, literature, poetry, music, drama, film, illustration, graffiti,…) or composed artistic expression (such as pop-art, street art, video-art…) as medium for communication in the contexts of social and professional organizations, public spaces or the community in general. The collection is intended to include a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches highlighting a variety of conceptual, contextual and cultural issues. Please find below a list of relevant chapters/ themes for the volume.

Should you be interested please send your biographical note (of aprox. 200 words), the title of your chapter and an abstract of 300 words to both Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich. Full papers (of aprox. 5000 words, including notes and references) will be due August 30th, 2017.

Art in diverse settings (Sense, expected 2018), edited by Susana Gonçalves and Suzanne Majhanovich

Provisory Table of Contents

Art and society

  1. Art in civil society
  2. Art and politics
  3. Art and technologies
  4. Art, culture and worldviews
  5. Art and ethics
  6. Art and active citizenship
  7. Art and remembrance

Art and identities

  1. Art, minorities and refugees
  2. Art and gender
  3. Art and ageing
  4. Art and madness
  5. Art and childhood

Art in specific social settings

  1. Art in schools
  2. Art in sports
  3. Art in hospitals
  4. Art in prisons
  5. Art education in the museum
  6. Arts and Media in Citizenship Education
  7. Art and business/ advertisement
  8. Art in the public space (urban art)
  9. Street Art, youth and Community Education
  10. Art and youth: HIP HOP
  11. Art programmes for social integration: juvenile offenders and photography
  12. Art and Design to improve Life Education
  13. Art and incremental housing in the slums

Art & Intercultural Dialogue

Book NotesGonçalves, S., & Majhanovich, S. (Eds.). (2016). Art and intercultural dialogue. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

How can art act as an intercultural mediator for dialogue? In order to scrutinize this question, relevant theoretical ideas are discussed and artistic intervention projects examined so as to highlight its cultural, political, economic, social, and transformational impacts. This thought-provoking work reveals why art is needed to help multicultural neighbourhoods and societies be sustainable, as well as united by diversity. This edited collection underlines the significance of arts and media as a tool of understanding, mediation, and communication across and beyond cultures. The chapters with a variety of conceptual and methodological approaches from particular contexts demonstrate the complexity in the dynamics of (inter)cultural communication, culture, identity, arts, and media. Overall, the collection encourages readers to consider themselves as agents of the communication process promoting dialogue.

Contents and Preface

Suzanne Majhanovich Profile

ProfilesSuzanne Majhanovich is Professor Emerita/Adjunct Research Professor at the Faculty of Education, Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

Suzanne Majhanovich

She is the past Chair of the WCCES Standing Committee for Publications and the former editor of the journal Canadian and International Education. With Allan Pitman, she is the co-editor of the Series A Diversity of Voices published by Sense. She has served as guest editor of four special issues of the International Review of Education related to presentations from the World Congresses of Education held in Havana, Cuba; Sarajevo, Bosnia; Istanbul, Turkey and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her research interests include first and second language acquisition, the teaching of English as a Foreign Language in international contexts, globalization, education restructuring, decentralization and privatization of education.

Selected publications:

Cristaldi, M., Majhanovich, S., & Pampanini, G. (Eds.). (2017). The orbital classroom. Global teachers committed to global democracy. Tehran, Iran: Nahj Al-Bakaghah International Research Institute.

Geo-JaJa, M. A., & Majhanovich, S. (2017). The promise and pitfalls of development aid: The elusive goal of aid that helps people help themselves. World Studies in Education18(1), 37-59.

Majhanovich, S., & Deyrich, M.-C. (Eds.). (2017).  Special issue: Language learning to support active social inclusion: Issues and challenges for lifelong learning. International Review of Education: Journal of Lifelong Learning, 63(3-4).

Geo-JaJa, M. A., & Majhanovich, S. (Eds.). (2016). Effects of Globalization on Education Systems and Development: Debates and Issues. Springer.

Gonçalves, S., & Majhanovich, S. (Eds.). (2016). Art and intercultural dialogue. Sense.

Majhanovich, S., & Malet, R. (Eds.). (2015). Building democracy through education on diversity.  Sense.

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