Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration conference (Spain)

‘Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration’
UNU-GCM’s Second Conference

UNU-GCM is organizing its second conference on ‘Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration’, on 24th and 25th July 2014. It will include five sections addressing issues of: citizenship, human security, urban vulnerabilities, non-state actors in migration management and sub-Saharan migration to the Mediterranean. Alongside the academic discussions, non-academic events will address statelessness through artistic production and activities.

This conference focuses on a range of issues related to the wellbeing and recognition of people who traverse continents devoid of citizenship. Issues related to refugees remain crucially unanswered in debates and policies surrounding migration. In the wake of acknowledgement within the academy that it is not always possible to isolate refugees from migrants, this conference analyses a range of contexts where dignity and human rights are compromised through the absence of legal and political recognition. By focusing on situations of extreme vulnerability and on lives lived on the borderline, this conference seeks to articulate and address urgent needs with regard to the stateless migrants who have entered Europe.

Keynote speakers:
Professor Eduard Sagarra iTrias, ‘The Necessity of Immigration in the Globalized World’, President of the United Nations Associations of Spain (ANUE), Barcelona / University of Barcelona
Professor Khadija Elmadmad, ‘Statelessness and Migration: The Case of de facto and de jure
stateless children in Morocco’, Director of The UNESCO Centre, The Law and Migration (CUDM)

Migration Post-doc UNU-GCM (Barcelona)

Visiting Researchers Programme

UNU-GCM is currently offering THREE places of three months each to post-doctoral researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences with expertise in the area of statelessness and transcontinental migration. Their Visiting Researchers Programme gives qualified researchers an opportunity to research topics related to the ongoing research programme on Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration, and to participate in UNU-GCM activities. Visiting Researchers will be expected to reside in Barcelona and work from our office in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona.

Download the full details here:  icon Visiting Researchers Programme (UNU – GCM) (135.92 kB)