Kristen Cole Profile

ProfilesKristen Cole (PhD, University of New Mexico) is Assistant Professor of Critical Health Communication at San Jose State University in California.

Kristen Cole

Dr. Cole’s research and teaching span Rhetoric, Media and Cultural Studies. Her interests include constructions of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, citizenship and immigration, conflict and community, and science and technology. She investigates formations of identity and enactments of agency within marginalized communities and how these are represented in publicly mediated spaces. She utilizes rhetorical, critical/cultural, feminist, and queer approaches to media texts in order to understand the ways power is exerted and negotiated and the ways change is enacted. Her research and teaching focus on how communication at interpersonal, social, and cultural levels restricts and promotes a multiplicity of lived experiences. Her recent publications can be found in the Sage Handbook of Conflict Communication, Review of Communication and Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.

Work for CID:
Kristen Cole wrote KC33: Moral Conflict.