ICA Regional Conference: Lodz (Poland) 2015

International Communication Association REGIONAL CONFERENCE
Expanding Communication: Old Boundaries and New Frontiers

The ICA Lodz regional conference, organized jointly by 8 European universities and with the cooperation of the Polish Communication Association (PCA), under the auspices of the International Communication Association, will take place on 9-11 April, 2015 at the University of Lodz, Poland.

We welcome paper submissions on a broad range of topics ranging from intercultural communication across diverse borders and bridges, old boundaries and new frontiers: transformations in audiences and societies, to the ethical issues in communication, domain-specific, Internet and mediated communication, AV translation and interpreting as well as the relationship among semiotic codes used in communication. Some of the topics are given below, but the list is not exhaustive:
*New Frontiers in European Communication Research
*Communication theory and research
*Interpersonal and organizational communication
*Journalism and media studies
*Language and Social Interaction
*Intercultural communication and Ethnicity and Race
*Communication and Technology
*Literature and performance studies
*Popular culture studies
*Meaning, Context and Cognition (MCC) in Communication
*Writing research and instruction, intercultural rhetoric
*Political Communication
*Public Relations, Advertising, Propaganda, Promotion
*Visual/Graphic Communication
*Communication ethics
*Feminist and LGBT Studies
*Education and media literacy

Plenary Speakers:
*Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska (The Former President of the Polish Communication Association, University of Wrocław)
*Sonia Livingstone (London School of Eonomics)
*Ayse Lahur Kirtunc (Ege University)
*Francois Heinderyckx (President ICA, Free University Brussels)
*Jef Verschueren (International Pragmatics Association, Antwerp University)
*Piotr Cap (University of Lodz)

Individual Submissions must be completed online no later than 23:00 EST 15th November, 2014. Get the Call.