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ProfilesDr. Polina Golovátina-Mora is an Associate Professor at the School of Social Sciences at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Medellín (Colombia).

Polina Golovatina Mora

She is an instructor for the PhD Program in Social Sciences and a Faculty Affiliate at the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages. Her current teaching duties focus on introduction to epistemology and graduate seminars on language, culture, and power. She has been a lecturer and visiting professor at universities in Russia, Czech Republic, and Colombia. She has also been a visiting researcher at the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Golovátina-Mora has a doctoral degree in history (Urals Federal University) and a master’s degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), the latter as a Fulbright Scholar. She was an Erasmus Mundus Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pultusk Academy of Humanities in Poland.

Her scholarship ranges across different languages and topics. A multilingual writer, she has published and presented her work in English, Russian, Polish, Czech, and most recently, Spanish. Her work includes articles and book chapters on historiography, representations of social processes (collective memory and identity construction, responses to the social structures and pressures). She has presented her work, including conference presentations, plenaries, and invited talks, in Colombia, the United States, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Turkey, Russia, Germany, and Italy. Her most recent research features narrative inquiry and discourse analysis studies on monstrous theory and how fear is constructed in contemporary cities and societies and through popular culture (especially in light of the renaissance of the vampire genre). Recent work (along with her husband, Dr. Raúl A. Mora) includes discussions of social and curricular constructions of bilingualism and multiculturalism and the use of Bourdieusian frameworks to analyze culture.

You can find out more about Dr. Golovátina-Mora’s scholarship through her website and her Academia.edu profile.

Work for CID:
Polina Golovátina-Mora co-authored KC19: Multiculturalism.

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