UN Do one thing for diversity campaign

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) in partnership with UNESCO and various other partners from corporations to civil society is launching the world campaign “Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion”, aimed at engaging people around the world to Do One Thing to support Cultural Diversity and Inclusion.

Following the adoption in 2001 of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity the UN General Assembly declared May 21 as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

This Day raises awareness on the richness of world cultures and the opportunities that cultural diversity can bring to societies.

Why does diversity matter? How to participate?

Three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension.

Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development.

The 2012 campaign, by encouraging people and organizations from around the world to take concrete action to support diversity, aims:
*To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.
*To build a world community of individuals committed to support diversity with real and every day-life gestures.
*To combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures.

Every one of us can do ONE thing for diversity and inclusion; even one very little thing can become a global action if we all take part in it.

Simple things YOU can do to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21, 2012.
*Visit an art exhibit/museum that reflects diverse cultures.
*Rent a movie or read a book from another country than your own.
*Learn another language
*Invite a family or friends in the neighborhood from another culture to have lunch/diner with you and share a traditional dish.
*Explore music of a different culture
*Invite people from a different culture to share your customs
*Spread your own culture around the world through our Facebook page and learn about other cultures
*Learn about traditional celebrations from other cultures; learn more about Hanukkah or Ramadan or about amazing celebrations of New Year’s Eve in Spain or Qingming festival in China.
*Play the “stereotypes game.” Stick a post-it on your forehead with the name of a country. Ask people to tell you stereotypes associated with people from that country. You win if you find out where you are from.

There are thousands of things that you can do, are you taking part in it?

How to join the 2012 campaign?
*”Like” us on Facebook….and start a discussion on our “wall” and get surprised with posts and videos (http://facebook.com/DoOneThingforDiversityandInclusion)
*Tell others about this day.
*Take part in the photo and slogan contests
*Organize an event or put your event under the umbrella of the Campaign

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