Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowships

Applications are invited for the Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) studentships to commence study in September 2016. HKPFS is a special scheme run by the HK University Grants Council designed to attract the best students for doctoral study in Hong Kong. The scheme is extremely generous in terms of remuneration and benefits and it is open to all applicants irrespective of nationality. For a copy of HKBU’s information about the scheme, please contact Colin Sparks.

Over the last few years, the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University has been increasingly successful in helping students obtain these very competitive awards. We should like to ask you to encourage any of your students who are interested in pursuing doctoral studies to apply to us.  The School is a large one with a wide range of research interests.  We are interested in potential students who wish to research in the following areas:
*Film Studies (documentary studies, television studies and Asian cinemas are particularly strong specialisms)
*Journalism (comparative media systems, media education and literacy, and Chinese media are particularly strong specialisms)
*Communication Studies (advertising and public relations, organisational and health communication are particularly strong specialisms)

Students with other interests within these general areas are strongly encouraged to contact the School to discuss whether we possess the expertise to supervise them should they decide to apply.

Our doctoral programme is very international in orientation and composition.  Roughly 30 per cent of our doctoral students are from outside China. We have students from Europe, the US, Africa, South Asia and East Asia and we are keen to maintain such a cosmopolitan student body.  The general conditions for admission to the university’s Graduate School are at: http://gs.hkbu.edu.hk/.

Hong Kong is an excellent place to study for a doctoral degree and a very exciting place to live. HKBU is very well supported by the UGC and research is one of our main priorities. Universities enjoy a  high level of academic freedom. (Incidentally, despite its name, Hong Kong Baptist University is a secular public university that welcomes students of all religions and none.)  Hong Kong bills itself as “Asia’s World City” and has a diverse population.  Faculty and students are active participants in the city’s vigorous civic life.

There is a two-step application process.  Potential students must first register their interest with the UGC at the URL above and obtain a registration number. They then apply to HKBU through the Graduate School using that registration number as a reference.  Applications are exclusively electronic. Applicants must submit their initial applications through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Electronic System before the deadline on 1 December 2015 at 12:00 noon Hong Kong Time.

Should any of your students be interested in learning more about these opportunities, they can feel free to contact the Director of the Doctoral Programme, Colin Sparks.