Questioning geocultural boundaries


Communication Theory special issue on “Questioning geocultural boundaries of communication theories: De-Westernization, cosmopolitalism and globalization”

Guest editors: Silvio Waisbord and Claudia Mellado
Submission deadline: April 1, 2013

Although Western perspectives have been dominant in the study of communication, scholars have called for the emancipation of non-Western theories and new conceptual and theoretical perspectives. Researchers have shown the importance and vitality of communication theories grounded in various philosophical conceptions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This call should not be understood as an effort to “de-Westernize” communication studies. On the contrary, the task is to explore whether non-Western perspectives expand the analysis and challenge central assumptions and arguments.

Communication Theory therefore invites authors to submit papers for a future special issue on “Questioning geocultural boundaries of communication theories: De-Westernization, cosmopolitalism and globalization.” Contributions could analyze current theoretical developments in communication studies across the world, revisit epistemological and historical foundations, examine the integration of Western and non-Western perspectives in communication studies, the uses of theories of global comparative research, discuss the relevance of non-Western theories and models, and successful and failed efforts at theoretical cross-pollination. Submissions may address but should not be limited to the following

– Amidst the globalization, indigenization, and hybridization of communication and cultures, what do we mean by non-Western and Western theories?
– What are non-Western communication theories? Are they primarily based on non-individualistic, communitarian notions of self and universalistic premises?
– What are the commonalities and differences among non-Western theories? What contributions and differences do they offer?
– How do non-Western theories reframe questions and arguments grounded in Western theories?
– Is it valid to denominate theories on the basis of geo-cultural origin? How are essentialist positions reaffirmed? How and by whom or what are they challenged?

Manuscripts must be submitted by April 1, 2013, through the online submission system of Communication Theory. Authors should indicate that they wish to have their manuscript considered for the special issue. Inquiries can be sent to Silvio Waisbord (waisbord AT and Claudia Mellado (claudia.mellado AT

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