Dialogo Intercultural

Resources in ICD“ width=Leeds-Hurwitz, W. (2020). Diálogo Intercultural. (Trans. by Daniel Mateo Ordóñez).

In 2015, I published the following short explanation of intercultural dialogue:

Leeds-Hurwitz, W. (2015). Intercultural dialogue. In K. Tracy, C. Ilie & T. Sandel (Eds.), International encyclopedia of language and social interaction (vol. 2, pp. 860-868). Boston, MA: John Wiley & Sons. DOI: 10.1002/9781118611463/wbielsi061

This has now been translated into Spanish by Daniel Mateo Ordóñez, Sociólogo de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, under the supervision of Jorge Enrique González Ph. D., director de la Cátedra UNESCO – Diálogo Intercultural, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The publisher has graciously permitted the translation so long as acknowledgment appears.